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This page showcases different dogs that are currently with MAGDRL and are receiving treatment and training to help them overcome the abuse and neglect they have suffered before finding their way to us. Each of these dogs deserves a chance and our dedicated volunteers are working to save their lives.

We are accepting donations to help defray the medical bills of our Rescues in Need. Thank you for caring.

Gram (Images may be disturbing)

Grams Needs Your Help

It’s truly heart-wrenching to hear about Grams’ condition, but it’s also heartwarming to know that he’s now in a caring environment where he can begin to heal physically and emotionally. Gram is a scared but sweet boy, weighing 87 pounds and we think he is about 3 years old. It’s clear that he’s been through a lot, but with proper care and attention, he has a chance for a better life ahead.  The pictures say more than words.

The efforts of the shelter and his foster home are commendable. His foster mom is providing him with multiple small meals to prevent bloating, along with the patience and care to help him adjust to his new surroundings, are crucial steps in his recovery process.

It sounds like Gram has endured significant neglect and possibly mistreatment in the past. His emaciated condition and the injuries described below indicate prolonged suffering and lack of proper care.

The protruding bones suggest severe malnutrition. The cuts on his hind legs, along with the pressure sores, further indicate that he’s been subjected to conditions that are detrimental to his well-being, likely due to prolonged confinement in an inadequate environment. The rings around his tail are a common sign of being crated for long periods in a crate that’s too small, causing discomfort and injury.  The chewed-up ears could indeed be from being tied up outside, especially if flies or other pests were present.

Given his physical condition, it’s imperative that he receives prompt veterinary attention to address his sores and his paraphimosis which is an issue with his penis that can cause a constriction to the blood flow which can cause increased swelling and any other health concerns he may have. It’s also important to assess his emotional well-being and provide him with the support and comfort he needs to feel safe and secure.

It’s essential that his new foster and eventual furever home continue to monitor his condition closely and provide him with the necessary support and medical care to ensure his recovery and eventual well-being. Grams deserves a chance at a better life, and with the right care and compassion, he can overcome his past traumas and thrive in a loving home.

Gram is responding well to the care provided by his foster home. The fact that he’s eating, drinking, and able to relieve himself without complications is a positive sign of his resilience.

Bonding with his foster family is a crucial step in Grams’ journey to recovery. Establishing trust and a sense of security will be essential for him to feel safe and comfortable in his new environment. The patience and compassion shown by his foster caregivers are invaluable in helping him adjust and heal from the trauma he’s experienced.

It’s heartbreaking to imagine what Gram has been through. With proper medical attention, nutrition, and lots of love and patience, he has the potential to heal both physically and emotionally.  Gram has a bright future ahead. He’s fortunate to have found a supportive foster home that is committed to his well-being, and I have no doubt that he’ll continue to make progress on his journey to recovery and eventual adoption into a loving furever home.

Great Dane in need

Gram is having a great time being a dog

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