Sheba Came to MAGDRL in May 2023 (3)

Sheba is a 4 year old mantle smaller female with natural ears who was surrendered with her 5 month old puppy when her owners became too ill to care for them.  Sheba is a sweet girl, a bit timid on first meeting, but then warms up, wants to be petted, and will stand next to you loving them.  She is very thin, and eats out of a slow-eat bowl.  She is very food motivated and takes treats very nice from your hand.   She takes herself outside to take care of business (she uses a doggie door into a fully fenced back yard) – and will go in and out alot.  She is learning to walk on the leash and is doing very well learning leash manners.  She does know her name and the ‘come’ command, her foster home is working on others.  She does NOT like the crate and does NOT go in willingly.  She does not seem to have any history with toys and is just content to hang out and keep a watchful eye on her puppy.  She likes to lay around on the dog bed and on the deck or in the grass.  She just wants to be where the people are.  She can do stairs and rides in the car very well.  A sweet girl who just wants lots of love. Sheba was spayed and vetted and is ready to go to her forever home

Updated July 2023

Sheba has been in a new foster home for a month.  Separation from her puppy was very tough for her, but she is finally relaxing into her new life and routine.  This home does not have a doggie door and she now is walked 4 times a day.  She paces quietly at her foster mom’s side, sniffing occasionally.  Her house training and manners are great too.  She is still wary of strangers, though warms up when given a minute or two. 

Sheba is now very comfortable being left alone and is crated for about a half hour every night, just to keep her training.  She runs into the crate because that’s where she gets her favorite treat.  Most of the time she is not particularly food or treat oriented.  Sheba is not always immediately responsive when called, in part because she still has some shyness.  Then she relaxes and is fine.

Sheba is very mellow and great with the cats in her current home.  She’s content to be on one of her beds near a human.  She loves pats and attention and will ask for them.  Sheba is waiting for her forever home. 

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