Lou Came to MAGDRL in July 2023 (2)

Shhhhh, don’t tell Lou she is a 9 year old senior looking for a  retirement home !  Lou now sees herself as a mature, spirited soul full of love and life and wants nothing more than to share all this with her human.  She prefers no annoying little dogs or cats in her presence and is dog selective with medium to large breed.  Lou was abandoned and she is still discovering new ways of living a new life.  She can totally entertain herself with the simplest objects like any hard dog toy or chew toy. She is determined and easily persuaded to change direction!  She has discovered how great it is to pick a pocket of biscuits and quite proud of herself with that discovery!  There’s a lot of discovery to do in Lou’s life yet and looking for that special person to share her adventures with!

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