Rescues In Need

This page showcases different dogs that are currently with MAGDRL and are receiving treatment and training to help them overcome the abuse and neglect they have suffered before finding their way to us. Each of these dogs deserves a chance and our dedicated volunteers are working to save their lives.



Additional Photos

Fred is an approximately 4-5 year old mantle marked merle male who came into rescue from a shelter. He is the sweetest boy who just wants to be with you. You can see he wasn’t treated well in his past as his nails were so long that his toes were splayed apart and he was walking back on his heels. He has numerous area’s on his legs and paws that have pressure sores. Fred has been with us less than a week when he stopped eating, had a fever of 106.6 (normal for a dog is between 101 – 102.5) and has a heavy mucus running from his nose. This literally happened within an hour’s time between times when his the foster mom had seen him. Fred is currently in an emergency vet. They started IV’s and are doing tests to see what he really has as this doesn’t seem to be kennel cough.  Please send good thoughts for Fred, he’s such a good boy. Current vetting estimates for Fred are between $1,300 – $1,700. Fred came to MAGDRL in April 2017. (1)


We are accepting donations to help defray the medical bills of our Rescues in Need. Thank you for caring.

If you would prefer to make your donation by check MAGDRL gladly accepts personal checks and money orders. Donations can be made to MAGDRL, PO Box 285, Hanover, MD 21076.

Thank you for your donation. All donations made from this page will go toward the expenses for all the special needs dogs in MAGDRL’s care.

MAGDRL is a 501(c)3 charity, and donations to MAGDRL are tax deductible. 52-1177018