Daisy Came to MAGDRL in March 2024 (6)

Hi! My name is Daisy, and I am three and a half years old with beautiful Brindle Myrle markings. I need a new home, the sooner the better.  I need a home where I am the only dog.  While I have grown up with male dogs, one older and one younger and might be okay sharing a home with another male dog, I cannot share my home with another girl dog. My heart is big, but sometimes I just a bit jealous of your love and attention! 

I am also a little nervous about transitioning to a new home. I am hoping the person that falls in love with me will understand big loveable Great Danes, and can help me feel comfortable being in a new place with new people.  In exchange, you will be my everything and I will give you all my love and undivided attention. 

I am still young, bouncy, and energetic so playtime is important to me.  If you toss treats to me, I can catch them in the air.  I know my basic commands, like sit, stay, down and lie down. If you happen to have some Beggin Strips, I will do just about anything you ask! 

Currently, I am alone approximately 8 hours a day.  I have a giant doggy door that allows me access to the outside.  I have never been in a crate and I do know how to behave myself when left alone.  In fact, when the weather is nice, I will often find a warm sunny spot outside to pass the time. I travel well and don’t mind being in the car.  I’m also good around cats!

I really need to find a new home.  I hope you will consider me; I still have a long lifetime of love to share with you. If you are considering adopting me, please reach out and get more information about me.    

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