Cooper Came to MAGDRL in Nov 2023 (5)

Cooper is a big goofball and we mean BIG.  He weighs about 155 lbs but that doesn’t stop him from acting like the biggest baby.  Cooper loves attention and in true Dane fashion will lean in appreciation for all the love he is given. 

Cooper came from a pretty quiet rural home.  His foster is a busier home in the city, and he is learning to adjust to the changes slowly.  He still gets a little nervous around loud noises and the hustle and bustle of a busier environment, but we think this will work out in time. 

Cooper is 1.5 years and does not realize his size!  He is very sweet and friendly but because he is big and clumsy, we do not recommend that he live with small children.  Cooper loves dogs.  He has lived with both big and small dogs and is playful and sweet with both.  There are times that he forgets his size and may play too rough with smaller dogs but there isn’t an aggressive bone in his body.  Cooper is in a foster home with a cat, and he does not seem to have any issues with his feline housemate. 

Cooper was surrendered due to no fault of his own.  He simply got too big for his owner to handle, and she was struggling to manage him.  His fosters say that he is doing well on his walks and has improved greatly with his new harness.  He is learning new manners in his foster home and is eager to please. 

Cooper is house trained.  He doesn’t love being put in his crate but will go in for comfort when he gets scared or is nervous.  Cooper’s foster mom says that he has good house manners when he is left out of the crate and doesn’t chew things or mess up the house. 

Cooper is up to date with his vetting.  He has had some skin sensitivity issues which are being addressed while in his foster home.  He does need to be neutered but we are looking to get that scheduled soon. 

Could you be Cooper’s final destination?  He needs a place to settle down and get comfortable. 

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