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Rescues In Need

This page showcases different dogs that are currently with MAGDRL and are receiving treatment and training to help them overcome the abuse and neglect they have suffered before finding their way to us. Each of these dogs deserves a chance and our dedicated volunteers are working to save their lives.



Additional Photos of Hershey

Hershey is a 4 year old harlequin female with natural ears. She came to MAGDRL when she was found abandoned and tied to a light post in a parking lot after having puppies. Hershey was taken to her first vet visit and was diagnosed with having heartworm disease. Further testing revealed Hershey needs intense treatment to get rid of the heartworms and to prevent heart damage. She has begun treatment but has several months of treatment ahead of her. Hershey also needs to test heartworm negative before she can be spayed. The first few days in her foster home, Hershey was very confused and scared. From her initial reaction of growling and cowering when she sees men, we believe she’s encountered some not so nice men in her past. Hershey came to her foster home not knowing any commands or how to walk on a leash. She is slowly learning the world isn’t so scary. She now LOVES snuggle time with her foster parents. She is starting to show herself as a love bug more and more each day as she learns how to trust again. This sweet sweet girl has a lot to learn and a long road to recovery ahead of her. Please consider financially supporting Hershey to help offset the cost of treatment. Check back frequently for updates on Hershey!! Hershey came to MAGDRL in November 2014. (5)

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Goose is a very sweet 6 year old merle female with natural ears. She came to rescue when her owners moved away. Goose is an easy-going girl, who just wants a family to love. She is very good with other dogs and with cats. She has excellent manners and is very trustworthy in the house. Goose was diagnosed with Addison's disease two years ago, and it appears to be the "atypical" type. When she came to us, she was on an improper dosage of her medication, so we will be doing further testing once that is at the correct level. Goose is on medical hold until we determine exactly what dosage she will require going forward. Once that's settled, she will require regular vet visits, but should be able to live a happy, normal life. She'll be looking for a somewhat quiet home with at least one canine companion and lots of love and attention. Goose came to MAGDRL in July 2014. (7)

Update 9/6/14 - Goose is doing very well! Following the vet's reduction schedule, we have her medication down to less than half of what she was initially on. She seems to be feeling a good bit better and more relaxed, and finally seems to be comfortable in her own skin. The constant panting has subsided, and she is leaving water in her bowl now too. We have also gotten her onto a better diet, and I think she looks better – her coat looks less dull, her eyes are brighter, etc. She actually apparently did some trotting around the yard over the weekend too, which is HUGE since she never wanted to do any outside playing before. She also has integrated just fine with her canine sister and brother. We are crossing our fingers that we get her all straightened out, and everything keeps going in this direction! We will be continuing to reduce the medication over the next month, with follow-up tests done along the way, until we get her to the optimum level.

Update 12/3/14 - Goose had a small setback with her Addison's disease, and required an overnight stay at the emergency hospital. She's home now, and rebounding quickly. We've had to temporarily increase some of her medication, and she will have a series of rechecks over the next six weeks to make sure all her levels stay where they belong. She continues to be happy and quite content, no matter what's going on. She spends her days hanging out with her canine brother and sister, and being as close to her people as possible.

Goose's recent trip to the Emergency Vet cost $883, and we expect over $400 in additional testing over the next six weeks.

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Additional Photos of Bella

Bella is a 2 year old petite black female with natural ears who was given up because her human mother died. Bella is incredibly sweet, but because she spent much of her early years in a garage, she craves pets and cuddles. Bella is in a foster home with a 4 year old male Dane. Neither dog is aggressive and the 4 year old definitely takes the lead, they got along immediately. She had previously lived with a 9 year old Golden, and was reported to have done well. She seems to do better with dogs who appreciate her playful nature, since she still acts like a young pup. She has been exposed to cats, and showed no aggression, she simply barked as if she was unsure of what they were. Bella is a typical Dane who prefers the couch over the floor and wants to be by your side at all times, and she seems to prefer females but she is fine with all the males in her foster home. She is completely house trained, but because of her previous time in the garage, does not do well in confined spaces and stresses in a crate. This problem has been solved by gating her in a small room and she does well this way. Because she is only 2, she does chew a little, but is quite satisfied chewing on provided chew toys or Kongs filled with peanut butter. Bella did not arrive with any obedience training, but has quickly learned to sit and wants nothing more than to please her people. Bella loves the children in her foster home (10 and 11 year old boys) and loves to play soccer and give kisses. She responds well to normal child noise and chaos, and is never aggressive (not with toys, food, nor people) but does act a little skittish when new people arrive or if she is scared. Bella is currently receiving heart-worm treatment, so she needs to find a home where she can continue to see a vet for her care and who will be able to continue her restricted activity. Bella will thrive in a home where someone is home a lot to pet her and play. She wants to be someone’s best friend, especially an adult female, and will give as much love to the humans and the children as she can. She also loves to play with another dog, so can be another dog’s best friend too. She is currently on medical hold but once most of her heartworm treatment has been completed we will consider placing her with someone who can commit to continuing her medical care. Bella came to MAGDRL in November 2014. (3)

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Bo #2

Bo #2

Additional Photos of Bo #2

Bo is a beautiful merle 9 month old mantle marked merle puppy with the friendliest, happiest personality. He's a big boy already! He was rescued by good samaritans after wandering the streets with a badly injured leg. The leg injury turned out to be both a condition called osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD) and an ACL injury. In addition, he had mange, whipworms, and coccidia. Bo has had one surgery on his leg already, prior to coming into rescue, but the joint is continuing to deteriorate and will require additional surgery. We are awaiting the results of a joint tap, which will help determine the cause of the OCD, and then will proceed as soon as possible. Bo will be on medical hold for the near future while we get him healthy. Despite everything he has been through in his young life, Bo loves everyone he meets. He gives big Dane kisses to whomever will give him attention – even vet techs doing things that are not comfortable at all! He is energetic and playful and seems to not even notice that his leg isn't working correctly. He is learning his basic manners quickly, and he is completely housebroken. Bo is a puppy, however, and will chew, counter surf, and otherwise get himself in trouble if left unsupervised. He's great with people of all sizes, and he gets along very well with other dogs. He has also lived with cats, and is fine with dog-savvy ones – he will give chase in play. Bo came to MAGDRL in October 2014. (7)

Update 12/3/14 - Bo is improving, and should soon be healthy enough for surgery. The joint tap was negative for infection, and the mange, coccidia, and whipworms have all cleared. He had a persistent skin infection due to having untreated mange for so long and he is still on antibiotics, but that has also almost healed. He has mastered his basic manners, but we've found that he does need to be told firmly. He's quite happy to get away with whatever he can, but will listen if he knows he must. He loves to romp in the yard, and doesn't let his leg slow him down at all. As he has gotten to feeling better, he has started showing quite a bit of prey drive, so we are changing him to "no cats." Bo gets along well with his foster brother, though his energy and desire to play does get to be a bit much at times. He will need a canine companion who can keep up with him – he's an energetic boy who loves to play.

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