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Rescues In Need

This page showcases different dogs that are currently with MAGDRL and are receiving treatment and training to help them overcome the abuse and neglect they have suffered before finding their way to us. Each of these dogs deserves a chance and our dedicated volunteers are working to save their lives.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Video of Blue Moon with Labored Breathing

Blue Moon came into rescue after she was surrendered to a shelter as the owner was having some personal problems. She is a sweet 1 1/2 year old blue female. She was in the shelter for 4 days and then she went into her foster home. A few days later she threw up her food and didn't want to go out, was drooling, trembling and started coughing like she was trying to clear something from her throat. Her foster home brought her to the emergency vet as we thought she was bloating. After spending the night and running multiply tests including x-rays and doing an ultrasound, it was determined that she didn't bloat or have an obstruction. Her foster home took her home that afternoon and she slept the majority of the day and didn't want to eat or drink. The following morning she hadn't improve so Blue was take to another emergency vet as she was having a hard time breathing and when she got to the vets she was rocking a 104 temperature (normal for a dog is 101). They immediately started her on IV fluids as she was dehydrated and put her in isolated in an oxygen kennel with a nebulizer and ran multiple tests including a Canine Respiratory panel (still waiting the results). Her x-rays did determine that she has pneumonia and the vets are concerned that it might be canine influenza. Her breathing is labored with any exertion she does, even if she goes outside to relieve herself. She also didn't want to eat or drink which meant she had to stay at the vets as we couldn't administer her medication. She is such a sweet pup and we won't know for a while if she'll need to go back to the vets. Blue Moon came to MAGDRL in April 2015. (1)

Blue Moon's road toward recovery has already cost over $5,000, and she still has a a lot of healing to do.

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Additional Photos of Sampson

Sampson is a 1 1/2 year old black male that is an incredibly sweet, friendly and outgoing Great Dane who is looking for a loving home. MAGDRL rescued him from a life on a chain where he was living 24/7. He is working with a trainer to learn how to settle down, be more relaxed and get some good exercise and structure. He love his couch, so wherever he goes, he must have one. :-) He walks very nicely on a Halti, however he does lean in on the handler a bit. He knows a sit and a down. He has been good with the dogs we have introduced him to so far. We will continue to give updates as he progresses and we learn more about him. This boy is going to make a wonderful companion for a very lucky person! Sampson came to MAGDRL in December 2014. (5)

Update 1/27/15 - Sampson has been at the kennel getting a lot of training for over 3 weeks now. He is fine with calm dogs, but doesn’t do well with excitable or pushy dogs. He walks beautifully on a leash and knows his sit and down. Since he’s young and active, we think he would be too much for little kids. He loves to run and romp, so a bigger fenced in yard would help him get some of his puppy energy out. He is fine with cats, he shows a little interest, but that’s all. He would love to go to a foster home and be a part of a family.

Update 4/6/15 - Sampson has had to have his tail amputated due to a severe case of happy tail. Unfortunately it's been a struggle to get it to heal, but progress is slowly being made!

Update 5/4/15 - Sampson's tail is fully healed! He lost a lot of weight in the process, but he's steadily getting his strength back up with some love, attention, and lots of treats -- his favorite! He's got a ton of personality and likes nothing more than to sprawl out on his back on the couch with his head in your lap for belly rubs. Sampson is a wonderful walking companion and the sweetest shadow to have around the house. He still has a puppy spirit, and would love to have some room to run and a forever home where he can play and get lots of attention.

Update 5/13/15 - Sampson is doing wonderfully and is no longer a Rescue In Need!! His tail is great, he's put on weight, and his coat's nice and sleek again! He's still eating everything in sight if he thinks he can get away with it (including some Swiffer wet mop pads out of the garbage, which proved digestively interesting for him), but is super sweet and generally very well-mannered, affectionate, and responsive when I set boundaries. He's not showing any anxiety and is great in his crate during the day. He still gets disrupted and fixated when he sees other dogs, but other than that he's a dream.

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Additional Photos of Hershey

Hershey is a 4 year old harlequin female with natural ears. She came to MAGDRL when she was found abandoned and tied to a light post in a parking lot after having puppies. Hershey was taken to her first vet visit and was diagnosed with having heartworm disease. Further testing revealed Hershey needs intense treatment to get rid of the heartworms and to prevent heart damage. She has begun treatment but has several months of treatment ahead of her. Hershey also needs to test heartworm negative before she can be spayed. The first few days in her foster home, Hershey was very confused and scared. From her initial reaction of growling and cowering when she sees men, we believe she’s encountered some not so nice men in her past. Hershey came to her foster home not knowing any commands or how to walk on a leash. She is slowly learning the world isn’t so scary. She now LOVES snuggle time with her foster parents. She is starting to show herself as a love bug more and more each day as she learns how to trust again. This sweet sweet girl has a lot to learn and a long road to recovery ahead of her. Please consider financially supporting Hershey to help offset the cost of treatment. Check back frequently for updates on Hershey!! Hershey came to MAGDRL in November 2014. (5)

Update 2/3/15 - Hershey is now feeling very comfortable in her foster home. She is a silly girl who always wants to play; she loves to jump and roll around on the couch and floor. Despite being a Great Dane, Hershey truly believes she is an ‘under the table’ dog. Somehow she always crawls under the dinner table when her humans are eating or working. Hershey’s favorite things are still snuggling up with her foster parents and getting treats! In January, Hershey began her heartworm treatment. This was very difficult on her and it took her several days before she could even go potty without struggling in pain. Her foster parents were very worried about her but Hershey being the sweet girl she is, always reassured them that she was okay by giving them lots of kisses and nuzzles! Who was taking care of who?? Now Hershey is feeling all better from the first round of treatment. Unfortunately she cannot begin her next phase of heartworm treatment right now because of some minor gastrointestinal issues. Hershey is on the road to recovery but still has some significant hurdles to overcome before she is taken off medical hold. Please continue to support Hershey in her recovery both financially and with positive thoughts!

Update 5/4/15 - Hershey is now off medical hold, but still needs to be spayed and have several teeth extracted. This will happen after a heartworm test comes back clean. The heartworm test will take place in June. This winter Hershey was also diagnosed with whipworms which causes on and off gastrointestinal issues. She is almost finished with the whipworm treatment which will hopefully completely clear up the GI issues. In her foster home, Hershey is an only dog with no children or cats. As Hershey is looking for her forever home, she is also looking for a canine sibling who will play with her and show her the ropes of her forever home. Hershey is crate trained and stays in her crate while her foster parents are at work. We’ve not tested her with cats and she hasn’t been around small children so we’re saying no cats or young children. Hershey has made amazing strides in her confidence and with proper introductions, enjoys having both canine and human company over! Hershey enjoys jogging with her foster parents, playing at the dog park, and playing catch with her bone. Don’t be fooled, this active girl also loves giving kisses and snuggle time with her foster parents!

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Additional Photos of Goose

Goose is a very sweet 6 year old merle female with natural ears. She came to rescue when her owners moved away. Goose is an easy-going girl, who just wants a family to love. She is very good with other dogs and with cats. She has excellent manners and is very trustworthy in the house. Goose was diagnosed with Addison's disease two years ago, and it appears to be the "atypical" type. When she came to us, she was on an improper dosage of her medication, so we will be doing further testing once that is at the correct level. Goose is on medical hold until we determine exactly what dosage she will require going forward. Once that's settled, she will require regular vet visits, but should be able to live a happy, normal life. She'll be looking for a somewhat quiet home with at least one canine companion and lots of love and attention. Goose came to MAGDRL in July 2014. (7)

Update 9/6/14 - Goose is doing very well! Following the vet's reduction schedule, we have her medication down to less than half of what she was initially on. She seems to be feeling a good bit better and more relaxed, and finally seems to be comfortable in her own skin. The constant panting has subsided, and she is leaving water in her bowl now too. We have also gotten her onto a better diet, and I think she looks better – her coat looks less dull, her eyes are brighter, etc. She actually apparently did some trotting around the yard over the weekend too, which is HUGE since she never wanted to do any outside playing before. She also has integrated just fine with her canine sister and brother. We are crossing our fingers that we get her all straightened out, and everything keeps going in this direction! We will be continuing to reduce the medication over the next month, with follow-up tests done along the way, until we get her to the optimum level.

Update 12/3/14 - Goose had a small setback with her Addison's disease, and required an overnight stay at the emergency hospital. She's home now, and rebounding quickly. We've had to temporarily increase some of her medication, and she will have a series of rechecks over the next six weeks to make sure all her levels stay where they belong. She continues to be happy and quite content, no matter what's going on. She spends her days hanging out with her canine brother and sister, and being as close to her people as possible.

Update 1/29/15 - Goose has rebounded completely since her emergency vet stay – her last blood test was perfect! We're tapering her prednisone again, and she's now getting a percorten injection every 25 days, after a recheck of her bloodwork. She's feeling 100 percent better than she did when she arrived, and looks just wonderful!

Update 3/7/15 - Goose is continuing to do well. She’s getting less of her medication at each vet visit, and we're thinking she may be very near her optimal dose. She requires careful monitoring still, as her medications are still in the process of being adjusted. She will require monthly bloodwork for the rest of her life, along with the percortin injections and prednisone. She is a complete joy and has fit right in with her foster brother Jake. She and Jake have decided that they are okay with the newest family member, 6 month old Dylan, too. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful girl in our home!

Goose's recent trip to the Emergency Vet cost $883, and we expect over $400 in additional testing over the next six weeks.

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Bo #2

Bo #2

Additional Photos of Bo #2

Bo is a beautiful merle 9 month old mantle marked merle puppy with the friendliest, happiest personality. He's a big boy already! He was rescued by good samaritans after wandering the streets with a badly injured leg. The leg injury turned out to be both a condition called osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD) and an ACL injury. In addition, he had mange, whipworms, and coccidia. Bo has had one surgery on his leg already, prior to coming into rescue, but the joint is continuing to deteriorate and will require additional surgery. We are awaiting the results of a joint tap, which will help determine the cause of the OCD, and then will proceed as soon as possible. Bo will be on medical hold for the near future while we get him healthy. Despite everything he has been through in his young life, Bo loves everyone he meets. He gives big Dane kisses to whomever will give him attention – even vet techs doing things that are not comfortable at all! He is energetic and playful and seems to not even notice that his leg isn't working correctly. He is learning his basic manners quickly, and he is completely housebroken. Bo is a puppy, however, and will chew, counter surf, and otherwise get himself in trouble if left unsupervised. He's great with people of all sizes, and he gets along very well with other dogs. He has also lived with cats, and is fine with dog-savvy ones – he will give chase in play. Bo came to MAGDRL in October 2014. (7)

Update 12/3/14 - Bo is improving, and should soon be healthy enough for surgery. The joint tap was negative for infection, and the mange, coccidia, and whipworms have all cleared. He had a persistent skin infection due to having untreated mange for so long and he is still on antibiotics, but that has also almost healed. He has mastered his basic manners, but we've found that he does need to be told firmly. He's quite happy to get away with whatever he can, but will listen if he knows he must. He loves to romp in the yard, and doesn't let his leg slow him down at all. As he has gotten to feeling better, he has started showing quite a bit of prey drive, so we are changing him to "no cats." Bo gets along well with his foster brother, though his energy and desire to play does get to be a bit much at times. He will need a canine companion who can keep up with him – he's an energetic boy who loves to play.

Update 1/30/15 - Bo had a small setback, developing yet another infection, with another round of antibiotics. But that has now been cleared and he's back to his playful, energetic self. His vet is still consulting with the specialist to determine what the next steps will be for his leg. In the meantime, he has done very well with the physical therapy to develop the much-needed muscles in his hip. He often holds his leg in an almost normal position, and certainly doesn't let it slow him down.

Update 5/09/15 - Bo's leg has healed nicely. He has now been off his pain meds for about three weeks and is doing great. He will be neutered at the end of the month, and will be all ready to go! He will require lifelong joint supplements to combat arthritic changes in his leg, and he may one day require additional surgery if he become uncomfortable, but for now he's just going about the business of being a big, happy boy.

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