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Rescues In Need

This page showcases different dogs that are currently with MAGDRL and are receiving treatment and training to help them overcome the abuse and neglect they have suffered before finding their way to us. Each of these dogs deserves a chance and our dedicated volunteers are working to save their lives.



Additional Photos of Bane

Bane is a vibrant 14 month old brindle male full of energy. He is very large and has a heart of gold. He LOVES running and bounding around the backyard, playing with kids and enjoys "frosty paws". He gets a long well with other dogs but is a "BIG" player - which sometimes overwhelms the other dogs. If you have ever wanted A BIG SILLY FUN DOG - BANE is for you!!!! Unfortunately, Bane has suffered a set-back from his playful self and is at the ER being treated for a severe seizures. He may need an MRI to show if there is any damage and if we can medicate him back to being a playful, fun loving, beautiful pup. He just wants someone to love him (as he has soooo much love to give) little kids would be a bonus for Bane (but remember his size) - he LOVES to play with 4 & 6 Year olds - it is kind-of like bowling - he knocks them down they laugh and cuddle with him and he gives the slobbery kisses. Because of this, he will only be placed with children over the age of 8. Bane has no experience around cats. Bane needs your help and maybe even your home. He is a fantastic dog and you would be blessed to have him as part of your family. Please help Bane be the best he can be for years to come. (5)

Update 6/8/14 - Bane is out of the ER. Unfortunately when he came out of his seizure, he came out blind. He has adopted well and is enjoying hanging out with other dogs. We think it gives him come comfort. Bane is taking his medications well, and is eating well. Unfortunately while at the ER he lost some weight, so we are working on putting weight back on him.

Update 6/25/14 - Bane has become a bouncing fun dog again - who drools and slobbers a lot. He has adapted very well to his lack of eye sight and may even see shadows. He was running like crazy after a dog (playing) the other day and kept up with him as if he saw his every move. He has become very very friendly with other dogs. I have no concerns at all about dogs or kids. BUT he is VERY big and powerful. He would have some issues with the stairs too - bumps and humps throw him off a little - but I think a bunch would maybe bother him (until he got used to them).

Update 7/1/14 - Bane will need to be placed with another dog in his adoptive home.

Update 7/9/14 - It has been found that Bane is good with cats... and cows! He continues to do well, and is currently on medications for his seizures that cost approximately $40 a month. He is also getting probiotics and glucosamine, both available over the counter.

Bane's medical bills have been over $3100 as of early June, can you help Bane?



Additional Photos of Moose - updated 4/26/14

Moose is a 3 year old very large black male with natural ears. He has a very relaxed personality and it took him less then an hour to settle into the routine of the household. He does great with the other Dane in the house and has not had any issues when meeting others dogs on the street. Moose's lives up to the lazy couch potato Dane characteristics. He is the happiest with just laying in his bed and watching everyone else doing their business. He only gets up for the necessary excitements in life: walks, food and cuddles. He has a fun little dance when he sees us putting on our shoes and getting the leash ready and his whole body wiggles when his tail wags. He is a big leaner so brace yourself. Moose came in with some infected paw pads but that has all cleared up. We have learned that he is great with foot soaks and baths. Nothing seems to bother this guy. We have noticed that when he gets over excited he can start talking back at you, but all in play. He doesn't like being left alone, but having another dog with him does ease him a bit. He does not tolerate going into a crate but has been great with not chewing anything or jumping on any furniture when left alone. He will not be placed with children under 12 as we have no history of him with any. He is big and his "talky" personality can be misinterpreted, so he will need a Dane experienced home. Moose came to MAGDRL in March 2014. (3)

Update 4/19/14 - Moose is now a Rescue in Need. He hurt his left knee and then had a terrible reaction to the Rimadyl he was taking for pain and ended up in the Vet Hospital for almost a week with hemorrhagic diarrhea and no appetite. He was given fluids and supportive therapy until his GI tract healed and he started eating again. He is also now having cold laser treatments to help his knee heal. We are not sure yet if he will need surgery, we will see how he does over the next few weeks. In the meantime Moose is in a foster home with 3 other Danes and doing very well there. He is also good with the school age children in his foster home. Everyone who meets Moose falls in love. He is just a HUGE MUSH and one of those Danes everyone wants to take home.

Can you help Moose?

We are accepting donations to help defray the medical bills of our Rescues in Need. Thank you for caring.

If you would prefer to make your donation by check MAGDRL gladly accepts personal checks and money orders. Donations can be made to MAGDRL, PO Box 285, Hanover, MD 21076.

All donations made from this page will go toward the expenses for all the special needs dogs in MAGDRL's care.

Thank you. All donations are tax deductible. 52-1177018

Donations Are Always Welcome!

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