Kristen Hill’s Biography

Volunteer Director



Rescue Experience

I got my first Dane, Murdock, in March 1992 and have Danes ever since. I joined MAGDRL in May 2006 and starting volunteering at Meet & Greet’s with my Dane Maui. By October I started to foster and foster failed with my first one! Savannah is now 11 years old! I have since adopted 3 other Danes since volunteering with MAGDRL. I was lucky enough to have married a man who also grew up with Great Danes. When he can hear in my voice that there is something special about a certain dog his response is “It needs a name before it come home”. I clearly picked a perfect match! We currently have 3 Danes, a Bloodhound and 2 cats.

I have helped the Virginia chapter by doing Meet & Greet’s , dog evaluations, home checks, surrenders, transports and pretty much anything that needs to be done. In January 2015, I stepped up to be Co-Coordinator of the Virginia chapter. I am also the webmaster of the website.

I love seeing the transformation of the dogs when they first come into rescue, sometimes in not great condition, and watching them blossom under the loving care of our fosters and volunteers and ultimately getting adopted into fantastic forever homes. It is my main motivation for volunteering.

Special Skills

By day I am a Facility Security Officer and software tester. Both positions require attention to detail and a timely and proactive approach to getting tasks completed. I am always looking to learn new skill sets no matter what the subject and luckily am a quick study.


Adoption Don’t Shop

Vision for MAGDRL

I am a firm believer in the passion that MAGDRL has and I love to be a part of helping as many Danes as possible find their forever homes. I hope to help MAGDRL continue to educate the public and to help such an amazing breed. I hope to help the Board out as the Volunteer Director since our volunteers are so critical in our continued success as a rescue.