Courtney Vogenitz’s Biography

Director #4/Policy & Procedures



Rescue Experience

My first experience with MAGDRL was in 2004 when I stumbled into an M&G at our local Petco. I had just gotten my first Dane, Merlin, and he was only 7 weeks old. After that, I started attending M&G’s regularly to get him socialized and before I knew it I was a volunteer. In the fall of 2005, I started helping the Virginia team by doing the reference checks and vet checks for each application. Shortly after that I started doing home checks and matchmaking. In January of 2006 I adopted Roxy our second Dane and in May of 2011 we adopted Jade our third MAGDRL Dane. I now run the Virginia biannual Yard Sale as well as doing vet and reference checks, evaluations on incoming Dane and home visits and anything else you can think of.

Special Skills

I am currently the Assistant Director of a small private school and have been in the childcare field for the past 14 years. I have an associate’s degree in Early Childhood education and I am a Water Aerobics Instructor. I believe that having so much experience in these fields gives me the people skills to be able to express myself and to hear all sides. I am very experienced with the computer as I need to be for work.


My motto for my work in rescue would have to be: Even the biggest creatures sometimes have the smallest voices. It’s up to us to speak for them. It’s our duty to advocate for those who cannot do it for themselves.

Vision for MAGDRL

As I continue to volunteer with this wonderful organization, as I know I always will, I look forward to educating more and more of the public on the needs and requirements of Danes. As the Policy and Procedures person of the board I will work to further develop the forms currently in place to meet the needs of all the Danes out there without a voice and do the best I can to find them their forever homes.