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  • Bane
    Additional Photos - updated 8/10/14
    Bane is looking for a foster home. Can you help?
    Bane is a Rescue In Need.
    Bane is a vibrant 14 month old brindle male full of energy. He is very large and has a heart of gold. He LOVES running and bounding around the backyard, playing with kids and enjoys “frosty paws”. He gets a long well with other dogs but is a “BIG” player – which sometimes overwhelms the other dogs. If you have ever wanted A BIG SILLY FUN DOG – BANE is for you!!!! Unfortunately, Bane has suffered a set-back from his playful self and is at the ER being treated for a severe seizures. He may need an MRI to show if there is any damage and if we can medicate him back to being a playful, fun loving, beautiful pup. He just wants someone to love him (as he has soooo much love to give) little kids would be a bonus for Bane (but remember his size) – he LOVES to play with 4 & 6 Year olds – it is kind-of like bowling – he knocks them down they laugh and cuddle with him and he gives the slobbery kisses. Because of this, he will only be placed with children over the age of 8. Bane has no experience around cats. Bane needs your help and maybe even your home. He is a fantastic dog and you would be blessed to have him as part of your family. Please help Bane be the best he can be for years to come. (5)
    Update 6/8/14 - Bane is out of the ER. Unfortunately when he came out of his seizure, he came out blind. He has adopted well and is enjoying hanging out with other dogs. We think it gives him come comfort. Bane is taking his medications well, and is eating well. Unfortunately while at the ER he lost some weight, so we are working on putting weight back on him.
    Update 6/25/14 - Bane has become a bouncing fun dog again - who drools and slobbers a lot. He has adapted very well to his lack of eye sight and may even see shadows. He was running like crazy after a dog (playing) the other day and kept up with him as if he saw his every move. He has become very very friendly with other dogs. I have no concerns at all about dogs or kids. BUT he is VERY big and powerful. He would have some issues with the stairs too - bumps and humps throw him off a little - but I think a bunch would maybe bother him (until he got used to them).
    Update 7/1/14 - Bane will need to be placed with another dog in his adoptive home.
    Update 7/9/14 - It has been found that Bane is good with cats... and cows! He continues to do well, and is currently on medications for his seizures that cost approximately $40 a month. He is also getting probiotics and glucosamine, both available over the counter.
  • Bella
    Additional Photos
    Bella is a 15 month old pretty black female with natural ears. She was given up by a family who had a hard time dealing with this high energy girl. Bella is very sweet and loves everyone she meets once she is given a chance to warm up to you. She does love to run and jump and needs work on her manners. Bella is doing very well in her foster home who is working on commands and leash work with daily long walks. She is living with a female retriever mix and they play well together. She is crate trained and is fine being left for short periods. Bella needs a home who will continue her training and also provide an outlet for her energy. Another canine companion for her to play with is best for Bella. Since she is so energetic, she would be too much for small children and she has never lived with any. She did meet a cat in a temporary foster home and was fine with him. If you are looking for a sweet active young Dane and have the time and energy to give, she will blossom into a wonderful loving and faithful companion. Training will be a requirement of her adoption. Bella came to MAGDRL in August 2014. (3)
  • Bogie
    Additional Photos
    Bogie is a playful 5 month old mantle male with natural ears. He came into rescue after being rescued from a high kill shelter. Bogie is very calm and even tempered for a puppy. He loves to play with his foster sister Zoey (Great Dane-3 years old) and his foster brother Ziggy (Great Dane-7 years old). He is still unsure about the bunny running through the house. He loves sitting on your lap when you sit on the floor. He also loves car rides and just sits in the back seat and watches everything going by. Bogie is a quick learner and walks well on a leash. In just two days he has mastered the doggie door and sitting. He is very eager to please and proves to be very faithful follower. Bogie comes running when he hears the ice machine in the fridge and waits for ice cubes to fall. Bogie will do great in a home with dogs, but will also be fine being the only one as he loves the attention. He should be placed with kids 8+ just due to his exuberance. He has had no cat exposure. Bogie came to MAGDRL in September 2014. (5)
  • Boomer
    Boomer is pretty fawn 4 year old fawn male with natural ears. He's a laid-back guy who loves to be around people. Boomer is very good with other dogs, and walks well on a leash. He doesn't seem to know many commands, but he's very praise motivated and is learning quickly. He loves to snuggle, likes walks a lot, and absolutely loves to ride in the car. Boomer has been roughly treated by children in the past, and he is now shy around the smaller ones, so for his peace of mind, we will be placing him with older, dane-savvy children only, or in a family without kids. Boomer was quite sick when he came to us from the shelter, so he is on hold while he finishes his antibiotics. Once released, Boomer will be looking for a quiet-to-medium activity home, with or without other dogs. Boomer came to MAGDRL in July 2014. (7)
    Update 9/17/14 - Boomer is doing great! He is finally over the respiratory infection, and is feeling much, much better. He has been completely house-trustworthy, and fine when left alone. Boomer is extremely sociable, and while out on walks enjoys meeting new people and dogs quite a lot. He really loves hiking and riding in the car. We have noted that Boomer has a slightly abnormal gait, but he handles two flights of stairs and long hikes in the hills with ease. The vet recommends simply keeping him active to maintain his muscle tone. Boomer is looking for a home where he can get regular exercise and lots of snuggle-time with his people. He is fine on his own, but would also do well in a home with other dogs.
  • Destiny
    Additional Photos
    Destiny is a 1 1/2 year old black female with natural ears. She is a wonderful energetic girl who is very smart and loves to please her humans. She was adopted from a shelter in February with little known history. She came into the home and settled in very quickly. She is crate trained, house trained, will sit and stay for her food, and walks well on a leash but sometimes forgets not to pull if there is something of interest. She loves to be on her bed in the living room and just be near her people. She learns very quickly and is highly motivated by food. Destiny is still a puppy and is easily excited, she is very interested in sights and sounds and seems to have had limited exposure up until now. She has not met a person she does not like (men and women), but she has not been around children. She has a very strong personality and can be stubborn until she knows who is in charge. Destiny would do well in a home with adults and a daily routine. She counter surfs, but is slowly learning that this is something she is not suppose to do. Destiny is missing two toes on her front foot, but that does not slow her down. Due to limited socialization she does not do well with other dogs. She loves her people and wants to be with them and not have to share. Destiny is a wonderful girl and is a great companion. She should be an only dog and shouldn't be places with kids younger than 12. Destiny came to MAGDRL in June 2014. (5)
  • Duke
    Additional Photos
    Duke is a stunning 3 year old mantle male with natural ears who is a love bug and is over the moon about people. He wants to be petted, loved on, held, and hugged. He will sit on you, if you let him. But it is only because he wants to be really really close. He would do best in a home where his people were around most of the time! Duke does get along with other animals and currently lives with a female great Dane and 2 smaller males . He needs to be properly introduced – as he is very curious and he likes being the center of attention. Everyone he meets, two-legged and four-legged has an invisible sign on them that says: PLAYMATE FOR DUKE. And he fully engages all playmates. Duke would do best in a home with larger dogs due to his overactive play style. While Duke is great with cats – he is very curious. If the cat runs – he will chase. When the cat stops – he just wants to play. With our cats, that results in a scratched nose. For him. Although he is smart, his “I want to play” gene is stronger than his ‘smart’ gene. He has to relearn this lesson constantly. He has never tried to bite or mouth any of our cats. He bows to them – and sniffs a lot. Still many times resulting in a scratched nose. Duke has been around kids as young as 2 years old and is fine with them. Sadly Duke has anxiety and would do best in a home environment where there is little to no outside distractions. For this reason he will NOT be placed in a condo or apartment home. He is crate trained and his owners have tried many natural solutions to try and help curb this behavior, but they live near Quantico and the constant war games and other loud noises is just too much for him to handle. Duke has been x-rayed and diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips but at this time is just on supplements and pain meds as needed. Duke will be required to attend obedience training as part of his adoption. Duke came to MAGDRL in May 2014. (5)
  • George
    Additional Photos
    George is a 2 year old black male with natural ears. He is an energetic boy who is smart and eager to please his humans. He is able to sit and wait for food. He eats very quickly and requires multiple meals to help slow him down. Once he puts on weight and learns that food will be available he should slow down. He walks well on leash, however he does forget not to pull when there is something that catches his eye. He learns very quickly and is highly motivated by food. George is still very much a puppy and is easily excited, he is very interested in sights and sounds and seems to have had limited exposure to things up to now. He has a strong personality and can be stubborn until he knows what is expected of him. George would do well in a home with adults who will provide a daily routine. Children and cats are unknown. George will need to be an only dog or have the companionship of a laid back female although will need slow introductions as he has had to be pushy to get food and attention. George came to MAGDRL in August 2014. (2)
  • Goose
    Goose is currently on medical hold
    Goose is a very sweet 6 year old merle female with natural ears. She came to rescue when her owners moved away. Goose is an easy-going girl, who just wants a family to love. She is very good with other dogs and with cats. She has excellent manners and is very trustworthy in the house. Goose was diagnosed with Addison's disease two years ago, and it appears to be the "atypical" type. When she came to us, she was on an improper dosage of her medication, so we will be doing further testing once that is at the correct level. Goose is on medical hold until we determine exactly what dosage she will require going forward. Once that's settled, she will require regular vet visits, but should be able to live a happy, normal life. She'll be looking for a somewhat quiet home with at least one canine companion and lots of love and attention. Goose came to MAGDRL in July 2014. (7)
    Update 9/6/14 - Goose is doing very well! Following the vet's reduction schedule, we have her medication down to less than half of what she was initially on. She seems to be feeling a good bit better and more relaxed, and finally seems to be comfortable in her own skin. The constant panting has subsided, and she is leaving water in her bowl now too. We have also gotten her onto a better diet, and I think she looks better – her coat looks less dull, her eyes are brighter, etc. She actually apparently did some trotting around the yard over the weekend too, which is HUGE since she never wanted to do any outside playing before. She also has integrated just fine with her canine sister and brother. We are crossing our fingers that we get her all straightened out, and everything keeps going in this direction! We will be continuing to reduce the medication over the next month, with follow-up tests done along the way, until we get her to the optimum level.
  • Mateo
    Additional Photos - updated 11/3/13
    kids 15+
    Mateo is a healthy male who came into MAGDRL with a female Dane Sada. He is a young 8 years old who likes to play and has a good appetite. He's house broken and is very gentle when you give him a treat. Mateo is a little shy of men when he first meets them as he lived in a home with all woman. He's a real love bug and enjoys getting all the attention you can give him. He does pull a bit on lead but is manageable. Would like to see him adopted with Sada as he's very attached to her and they love to play together. He should go to a home where someone is home the majority of the day and no young children as they make him nervous and he will air snap so its best he's not placed in a home with children under 15 years old or a home that doesn't have young children that come over to visit a lot. Mateo came to MAGDRL in January 2013. (1)
    Update 5/4/13 - Mateo might be 8 years in age but he doesn't act it at all, he loves to run and doesn't show any problems with his rear legs. He loves to snuggle and seems to enjoy being around woman as he's sometimes shy of men. Mateo is very sweet and needs a home without a fencing exception as he will take off and run.
    Update 11/2/13 - Mateo is a quiet laid back kinda guy. His most favorite thing to do in the world is chew on his Nylabone. A very good eater, loves to ride in the car. Is very good for a bath. Just a love bug. Will take all the hugs you can give him. I don't think that he is good with anything small. He's not a barkie kind of dog. Is very well behaved. Pulls a bit on lead but nothing to bad. While we originally wanted to see Mateo placed with Sada, we have found that he would do fine without her as well. Mateo is very healthy for his age. Gets around just fine. He would be a great addition to any family that just wants a real mush. Mateo would love to have a family to call his own, don't let the gray around his muzzle fool you, he still gets the zoomies in the yard and that won't stop the unconditional love he'll give you.
  • Meat Head
    Additional Photos
    Meat Head is an 11 month old merle male with natural ears. He came to rescue from a shelter. Meat Head is a typical puppy who loves his people, and is a Velcro Dane that wants to please. He is good with other dogs, cats and children. He loves playing ball and is very food motivated. Meat Head will need the training that any dog of 11 months would need and as most dogs his age he can be easily distracted. He will make a wonderful addition to just about any home and is eagerly awaiting his new family. Meat Head came to MAGDRL in September 2014. (2)
  • Moose
    Additional Photos - updated 4/26/14
    Moose is a Rescue In Need.
    Moose is a 3 year old very large black male with natural ears. He has a very relaxed personality and it took him less then an hour to settle into the routine of the household. He does great with the other Dane in the house and has not had any issues when meeting others dogs on the street. Moose's lives up to the lazy couch potato Dane characteristics. He is the happiest with just laying in his bed and watching everyone else doing their business. He only gets up for the necessary excitements in life: walks, food and cuddles. He has a fun little dance when he sees us putting on our shoes and getting the leash ready and his whole body wiggles when his tail wags. He is a big leaner so brace yourself. Moose came in with some infected paw pads but that has all cleared up. We have learned that he is great with foot soaks and baths. Nothing seems to bother this guy. We have noticed that when he gets over excited he can start talking back at you, but all in play. He doesn't like being left alone, but having another dog with him does ease him a bit. He does not tolerate going into a crate but has been great with not chewing anything or jumping on any furniture when left alone. He will not be placed with children under 12 as we have no history of him with any. He is big and his "talky" personality can be misinterpreted, so he will need a Dane experienced home. Moose came to MAGDRL in March 2014. (3)
    Update 4/19/14 - Moose is now a Rescue in Need. He hurt his left knee and then had a terrible reaction to the Rimadyl he was taking for pain and ended up in the Vet Hospital for almost a week with hemorrhagic diarrhea and no appetite. He was given fluids and supportive therapy until his GI tract healed and he started eating again. He is also now having cold laser treatments to help his knee heal. We are not sure yet if he will need surgery, we will see how he does over the next few weeks. In the meantime Moose is in a foster home with 3 other Danes and doing very well there. He is also good with the school age children in his foster home. Everyone who meets Moose falls in love. He is just a HUGE MUSH and one of those Danes everyone wants to take home.
    Update 8/8/14 - Moose has made a complete turnaround in his foster home - he's happy, healthy, and ready to be adopted! Moose had severe stomach issues after a bad reaction to pain meds. Once his stomach recovered, he started putting weight back on and is now a gorgeous 160 pounds. He could even put on a few more pounds, but probably not a good idea given his history with his knee. Moose is a very tall boy and gets noticed wherever he goes. Now that he is nicely filled out and has a shiny coat, he's even more handsome. He can get drooly when excited or ready to eat, so it helps to have some towels around the house. Any Dane home usually has plenty of towels ready to go! Moose underwent colder laser treatment on his knee for several weeks. He will always have a unique, swaying walk, but it adds to his charm. He is in no pain and is able to walk, climb stairs, and even jog around the yard with no problems. He is currently living with three senior Danes, so playtime is kept to a minimum. That's probably best for Moose. He loves every dog he meets but prefers to play with his humans. Moose is a typical teenage boy Dane - he can be stubborn, so he needs an owner who will be firm with him. He doesn't appear to have been well socialized as a puppy, and sometimes new people and experiences surprise him. Obedience training will be a requirement of his adoption. Moose is a very affectionate Dane who loves his humans and especially loves to be touching them! He adores riding in the car with his head on his foster mom's shoulder, sitting on any available human lap, or just snuggling with his humans. Because of Moose's size and tendency to rub into whomever is around him, he will do best in a home with no children or Dane-savvy children ages 12 and up.
  • Onyx
    Additional Photos - updated 7/27/14
    Onyx is a sweet 6 year old black female with natural ears. She came to MAGDRL after being in a shelter for many months during a court case for her custody. The shelter reported Onyx got out of her previous owner’s yard and had to be picked up by animal control several times. Despite her tough situation, Onyx quickly settled into the quiet environment of her foster home. She knows basic commands: sit, stay, shake, and lay down. When she came to her foster home, her arthritis affected her mobility but now it is controlled with medicine and she LOVES going on walks and runs! When Onyx sees another dog on walks, she pulls on the leash and barks. Her foster family is working with her on leash manners and appropriate responses to other dogs. When she sees other humans, she always wants to be friends and get some more attention! She does not jump up or lick. Onyx isn’t crate trained but can be trusted without direct supervision. She only likes to go 4-5 hours alone because she gets too lonely, so a mid-day potty break and walk is good for her. The shelter reported she previously lived with a medium-large male dog. Her history with cats and children is unknown. Therefore she won’t be places with children under 12 years old. Onyx is always working and wiggling her way into spaces to lay her head on one of her humans in hopes of getting her head scratched! Rarely does she let her foster parents out of her sight Onyx doesn’t know what to do with toys, but she loves rawhide bones. Onyx is eager to please and often will sit and lift her paw up because she knows treats usually follow. If lifting one paw doesn’t work, she tries with the other one and if THAT doesn’t work she will give a gentle nudge with her head to remind you she did tricks and deserves some cheese! Onyx came to MAGDRL in February 2014. (5)
    Update 6/24/14 - Onyx has made great progress with her leash manners! She heels beautifully on her walks and isn’t pulling as much. She is also doing a better job with her reactions to other dogs but will still bark if they are too close. Onyx is an incredible intelligent girl! She learned back-up, leave it, and drop it all in a week. However, this intelligence can be a double-edged sword as she is usually aware when we want her to do something she doesn’t want to do. She can be stubborn but is persuadable as long as there is a yummy treat involved! Onyx is very respectful of humans and her foster home’s house rules. She doesn’t counter-surf and is respectful by not going into the kitchen. Onyx only gets up on the couch when she is invited. When she wants petted she even so gently nudges you and gives the sweetest puppy dog eyes to remind you she needs some love! No one can say no to her sweet face when she asks to be petted!! She loves having visitors over because that means more attention for her. Overall Onyx is very low-key and enjoys nothing more than Saturday mornings to curl up with her foster parents. She does get the zoomies now and then but a game of catch (with socks) or a jog outside gets her energy out. Onyx LOVES her outside play time when she can romp around with her foster dad.
    Update 7/23/14 - Onyx has been taking Meloxicam now for about 2 weeks for her arthritis. She is getting the zoomies more and jumping. We sure didn't know lil Onyx could jump around like she does now :-) She has learned to 'speak' and 'jump' on command. She has so many tricks now and is so excited about them. Before meals we do some obedience training and run through her tricks- lil girl gets really excited and the past several days she is just running through ALL her tricks to see which one makes her foster mom happy before she even ask her to do anything. She is so eager to please. It is ADORABLE!!!
  • Pepper
    Additional Photos
    Pepper is a 5 year old beautiful tall mantle girl with cropped ears. One is flopped which gives her great character. Pepper is a very affectionate and loving girl. She was returned after being adopted and placed in a foster home with 6 children, she is doing great with them there. Pepper does have her quirks, she stresses when left alone. She will rip up any "bags" left in her reach. Her foster home has figured this out and is careful about it, as well as hiding treats and toys for her to find. This has worked well. She is doing great with the boundaries set for her and is learning "stay" as well as reinforcing all of her obedience commands. Pepper has lived with other dogs and is selective about who she likes and dislikes, so she is best as an only dog, but can probably live in peace with a laid back confident large male. Pepper has not lived with cats and will not be placed with any. Pepper came back to MAGDRL in March 2014. (3)
  • Pepper #2
    Additional Photos
    Pepper is a 7 year old merle female given up because she was very nervous around the toddlers in her young family. Pepper is very sweet and is so easy to love. She has lived with other dogs large and small as well as cats and is fine with them. She is crate and house trained. Her foster mom says she is "the epitome of the perfect dog". She minds exceptionally well, knows a lot of commands and is very polite. She loves to give kisses, go for walks and car rides. She will go in her crate when asked or just to relax for a while. Most of all, she loves to be with her humans and lie on her bed. She is very relaxed in her quiet foster home. She does get a little nervous with thunderstorms but nothing her crate and a blanket won't fix. Pepper came to MAGDRL in September 2014. (3)
  • Petey
    Additional Photos - updated 8/17/14
    View a video of Petey!
    Petey is a Rescue In Need and is currently on medical hold.
    Petey is a 6 month old (DOB 08/22/2013) deaf male harlequin with natural ears who is all puppy. He was very skinny and not housebroken when he came into rescue. He has very large feet, so he will be a very large boy when he reaches his full growth. Petey has the cutest squishiest face that I love to mess with and he loves all of the attention. He has slight hip dysplasia making him a bit wobbly when walking especially when he first wakes up. We are working on basic obedience training and potty training. Petey is picking up potty training pretty quickly and is finally going to the door to go outside, we will need to work on alerting me when he needs to go out. He walks nicely on a leash as long as you are walking, he gets bored just standing there and will start to pull to go elsewhere. He also has very nice table manners. He isn’t one to come up and put his head on the table. He will go lay down and as long as you are in sight he is a happy boy. He is learning to love his crate, at night we do puppy snuggles in the crate together until he falls asleep. It’s comforting to him and seems to be helping him accept being in the crate during the day. Petey is a very sweet loving boy. He is a true Velcro Dane but is beginning to venture outside on his own with his foster Dane sisters and even by himself. He loves everyone he meets and is especially tolerant of children. Petey is currently being sponsored by a local Girl Scout troop and on his first meeting with the girl’s, he pranced right into their circle and loved on every single child in the circle. He is very gentle for a 6 month old Dane puppy. Petey wants to play with every dog he meets. He is very friendly and appears to be well socialized. Petey has befriended the neighbor’s dogs and enjoys regular play dates with many other dogs. Petey also enjoys frolicking in the pond. He would do well in a home with children of any age and needs to be in a home with a canine companion. His future home will need to understand he does have hip dysplasia which may cause some health issues as he grows into himself. We will require obedience training as a requirement of his adoption. Petey will be on a medical hold until he has a bit more weight on him. Petey came to MAGDRL in February 2014. (5)
    Update 8/14/14 - Petey is just about to turn 1. He's a typical rambunctious puppy who loves to play, wrestle, play tug-o-war, and run. However, he's been diagnosed with both Wobblers and Hip Dysplasia. This causes Petey to fall a lot, walk as though he is drunk, and generally just not understand where his body is. Fortunately acupuncture has been helping, so MAGDRL has approved for him to have gold bead implants done, which is a permanent form of acupuncture. MAGDRL has seen this help quite a few dogs in the past, so we have high hopes for Petey!
  • Ruby
    Additional Photos
    Ruby is a 5 1/2 year old harlequin female with natural ears looking for a forever family to adore her the way she adores her foster dad. While she wags and gives kisses to the whole family, she truly adores dad. She follows him everywhere but settles nicely when the family settles in. She came to her foster family in August 2014 when a change in life circumstances made it impossible for her family to keep her. Tears were shed giving up this special girl. Ruby is very gentle and walks nicely on leash. She needs help getting into the back of the foster family SUV due to previous ACL repair but she does stairs and other activities just fine. She is a good traveler often lying down the whole trip. Ruby is trust worthy home alone. Ruby has shown she prefers to not share her people with other dogs and would be best as an only pet. She is social with other dogs so walks and dog parks would not be an issue but when she is home she wants all the attention on her. There is a cat in her foster home which she has taken to chasing of late so cats are questionable. Ruby lives with a 14 year old teenager but has met young children staying very calm while they shower her with affection. Ruby is waiting for the perfect family to love her forever. She promises to not disappoint. Ruby came to MAGDRL in August 2014. (2)
  • Sam
    Additional Photos
    Sam is a 7 year old handsome mantle male with natural ears. He was given up because he had an occasional issue with the alpha dog in his previous home. His owner was also expecting a new baby so thought it was best to rehome him. Sam is in a foster home with another male Dane who is approximately the same age. They have been introduced slowly and are doing very well with this slow integration. He did live with no issues with another large male dog in his previous home. Sam is a mellow boy, is very affectionate and loves his people. He is a typical Velcro Dane and wants to be where you are. He is house trained, crate trained and trustworthy in the house. Active children do make him nervous so he will not be placed into an active home with young children. Sam walks well on a leash but does react to approaching strange dogs. Once introduced and learns there is no threat, he is fine. Sam is a very sweet boy who wants to be loved. He deserves a quiet home where he can spend his senior years in peace. We know he can be placed with other dogs who will treat an old guy with respect. Sam came to MAGDRL in September 2013. (3)
  • Samuel
    Additional Photos
    Samuel is looking for a foster home. Can you help?
    Samuel is a very large, very handsome, 4 year old harlequin male with cropped and standing ears. Do not let his size fool you, he is a big Scooby Doo and needs a very Dane savvy home to be able to give him the support he needs to function as a normal Dane. Samuel needs a strong lead to assure him that the world is not a horrible place and he can trust that he will be taken care of and not have to take charge of the situation. Due to his anxiety we are saying no dogs and no children. Once this boy has formed a bond with you he will look to you for reassurance and appropriate behavior limits. If you can give this boy a stable, loving home with consistency, leadership and a low key life then please contact us. Samuel came to MAGDRL in May 2014. (2)
  • Turbo
    Additional Photos
    Turbo is a handsome 15 month old harlequin male with natural ears. He came to rescue due to his family not being able to handle him. Turbo is young, still a bit of a puppy, yet loves to play and is extremely affectionate. He loves to give big doggie hugs, and aspires to become a lap dog, and so will try to climb into your lap if you let him. Turbo was raised in a house with three young children (ages 4-10) and was good with them. He gets along well with other dogs and loves to play and run around with his foster sister Cleo (also a Great Dane), but has not been exposed to cats. His foster family has been teaching him to stay out of the kitchen, not to counter surf and to stay off of the furniture. He has been a quick learner, but still needs some more reinforcement. Turbo knows some basic commands such as sit, come, stay, paw… but needs more work with them. He walks well on a leash and is getting used to a gentle leader. He gets excited at feeding time and will drool until he gets his food, which he then quickly eats. When it comes to food/treats, he can be competitive and will attempt to eat his and his foster sister's, so they are fed separately. Turbo is crate trained, although he is not yet overly fond of it. He will cry if left in it while people are in the house, but quickly settles down soon after you leave. He hasn't had any issues being crated while his foster family is at work. Since coming to his foster house he hasn't shown any signs of wanting to chew on household items (as puppies often do), although if he isn't going to be crated when no one is home he probably should be given a good chew toy or two so that he doesn't decide to go looking for one on his own. He sleeps quietly in the bedroom at night on his own doggie bed and will not disturb anyone until it's time to go out in the morning. He would do well in a forever home that will provide a consistent routine and give him lots of love and attention. Turbo came to MAGDRL in August 2014. (2)
  • Winston
    Additional Photos
    Adoption Pending
    Winston is an approximately 4 year old merle male with natural ears. Winston came to MAGDRL as a very thin, stray so we have no history on him. He is crate trained, fairly active and is very curious about is surroundings. Winston is an insecure dog by nature which makes it essential that he be placed in an environment with a high level of consistency. When he is unsure, he barks a bit until he no longer feels afraid. A consistent routine with slow introductions to new people is required for Winston to build self-confidence. He approaches strangers with caution and will quickly withdraw if they attempt to reach out to him. Winston is very food motivated and that seems to help him overcome his fearfulness and when meeting new people a treat goes a long way to helping him decide you are a good person. Once he has established a level of trust, he enjoys seeking out affection. Winston will need his own space so he is able to remove himself if he starts to feel overwhelmed. Winston's leash skills have improved with each training session. We have no history of children and because of his demeanor we are saying no children. When exposed to a cat he acknowledged her but happily returned his attention to the person who had just given him a treat. He has met other dogs and has done beautifully. He was playful and took cues from a well-adjusted female without hesitation. For this reason we do feel he would be more relaxed around a female companion that could reassure him in those new situations. If he were an only dog he is going to need a Dane savvy home that will set the limits and boundaries as well as take the lead in new situations so Winston can be assured that he is safe. Everyone who meets him and spends time with him falls in love with him. With the right family who is understanding and patient and with a consistent routine he will bond quickly and be a wonderful family addition. Winston came to MAGDRL in December 2013. (2)
  • Danka - Courtesy
    Additional Photos
    Danka is a courtesy listing.
    Please contact your local coordinator for more information on her.
    Danka is a very big, very beautiful, 5 year old fawn girl with natural ears. She has a happy, affectionate personality, and is great with kids and cats. She simply wants to be close to her people. She's trustworthy in the house, and very good on a leash. She was unfortunately attacked by another dog when younger, and is not good with other dogs now. She needs a home where she is an only dog, with a fenced yard where she can feel safe. Danka is looking for a home with just about any activity level, as long as she can be the only dog and have lots of love and attention. (7)

    MAGDRL occasionally lists danes that are available for adoption through another rescuer, shelter or individual. These danes have not been evaluated by MAGDRL, and MAGDRL makes no representation about the dane or the rescuer. Adoptions of courtesy listings do not follow MAGDRL's adoption process, and any proceeds do not normally go to MAGDRL. Adoption fees are at the discretion of the individual or rescuer.
  • Orson - Courtesy
    Additional Photos
    Orson is a courtesy listing.
    Please contact your local coordinator for more information on him.
    Orson is a 4 1/2 year old (born Jan 2010) blue male with natural ears. He's house trained and has never had an accident or chewed anything up. He has his own couch and loves empty toilet paper tolls, sometimes full ones if he finds them. Orson hasn't been around small kids much because the grandkids do not live close. He would best fit in a home as the only dog or a female his size. He does not like thunder storms and wants to be close to you when it storms. He will sleep in the hallway where there are no windows so he can't see the lightning. He eats grain free food and loves snacks. (5)

    MAGDRL occasionally lists danes that are available for adoption through another rescuer, shelter or individual. These danes have not been evaluated by MAGDRL, and MAGDRL makes no representation about the dane or the rescuer. Adoptions of courtesy listings do not follow MAGDRL's adoption process, and any proceeds do not normally go to MAGDRL. Adoption fees are at the discretion of the individual or rescuer.
  • Thor - Courtesy
    Additional Photos
    Thor is a courtesy listing.
    Please contact your local coordinator for more information on him.
    My name is Thor. I'm a 3 1/2 year old (born 3/15/11) fawn male with natural ears. I am a sweet, loving, and playful boy who especially loves human adults. I'm very obedient, unless I'm nervous, in which case a firmer command usually does the trick, and I very much want to please my humans. I walk well on a leash and stay close off leash, as well. I'm house broken and crate trained, and I need to be an inside dog to be close to my family. I'm fine with cats and young children, as long as the children are tough enough to handle getting their feet stepped on or the occasional pushing past. I spent the first two years of my life on a puppy farm with almost 100 adult dogs, so I have lots of scars from pack-type fights. I'm scared of and run away from aggressive dogs (even the little ones), so I would be better suited in a home without other dogs, though a female dog or another submissive dog might work out. I'm a Velcro dog and attached to adult humans very quickly that give me attention. I need to be crated or otherwise appropriately confined when humans are not around because I like to get into trash cans and laundry hampers. I have eaten and passed at least a dozen socks and gloves prior to being crated. I have special medication and attention needs. My doctors say that I will likely struggle with skin allergies and itching all my life, so I am on indefinite medication that usually keeps me in good shape. The occasional skin and ear infections I get can be treated with antibiotics and ear ointment. I also have to be bathed and have ears cleaned regularly. Please help me find a forever home that can love me and help me manage my allergies. (5)

    MAGDRL occasionally lists danes that are available for adoption through another rescuer, shelter or individual. These danes have not been evaluated by MAGDRL, and MAGDRL makes no representation about the dane or the rescuer. Adoptions of courtesy listings do not follow MAGDRL's adoption process, and any proceeds do not normally go to MAGDRL. Adoption fees are at the discretion of the individual or rescuer
  • Truman - Courtesy
    Additional Photos
    Truman is a courtesy listing.
    Please contact your local coordinator for more information on him.
    My name is Truman. I am a handsome 2 year old Great Dane/Black Lab mix! I love cuddling and I'm a really fun walking partner. I am working on some of my food possession issues, and I have been making great progress. I am a lovable guy, but I need a home without children. Although I am good with other larger dogs, the adults in my house should have experience with resource guarding or willing to use Perfect Pooch’s training resources to help! I am not so interested in living with cats. I am desperately looking for a forever home OR a foster home. I’m not a shelter guy, so please help me find my new home! (2)

    MAGDRL occasionally lists danes that are available for adoption through another rescuer, shelter or individual. These danes have not been evaluated by MAGDRL, and MAGDRL makes no representation about the dane or the rescuer. Adoptions of courtesy listings do not follow MAGDRL's adoption process, and any proceeds do not normally go to MAGDRL. Adoption fees are at the discretion of the individual or rescuer.
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