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  • Harbor
    Additional Photos
    Harbor is a gorgeous 1 1/2 year old merle female (DOB 7/10/12) with natural ears. She came to rescue because she was not getting along with the female Dane in her home. Harbor came her foster home as a terrified little girl, but has blossomed rather quickly. She comes with an instruction booklet, which explains her personality and her likes, along with her several nick names...Harby, Harby Barbie, Barbie, and Harb. Everyday after breakfast, Harbor looks forward to her bone stuffed with peanut butter, apparently this is something she has had since day one as a puppy and her foster family has continued treating her. She will bond with you within a day or two and will be very loyal. Harbor needs slow introduction with men, as she will bark insecurely. Once she has met you, and sees you again, you are her bestest friend. Harbor is great with other animals, especially male dogs, horses, goats, and sheep. She nuzzles my cat and may chase if he runs away, but not to hurt. She has a young disposition, and will need patience as she is just learning to sit and lay down. Harbor gets the zoomies, and acts like a goofy, happy and silly girl all the time. She is a super cuddler, and gives gentle sweet kisses. She loves her toys and will prance around like a proud little girl. Harbor loves to jump, hug and kiss when she first sees you. This is being worked on as she can be a strong girl. Harbor loves to go on walks, comes with a harness and walks very obediently on it, no pulling. She also loves to go on car rides, but once in the car Harbor looks miserable and tends to freeze up. However, she dives into the car when she knows she's heading somewhere fun! Harbor plays rough and loves a dog with high energy. She will play rough and tumble and wrestle with her playmate. Harbor will do well in an active home where someone can be there for her periodically throughout the day, or as long as she isn't alone for a long period of time. This special girl can be a lover and adores her humans, and playmates to pieces. She crawls into your arms and just melts. Harbor will make a wonderful addition to any home that would take her for walks and be ready to have her curl up with you once she has burned her puppy like energy. Harbor came to MAGDRL in February 2014. (2)
  • Jake
    Jake is a handsome merle Dane mix, approximately 5 years old. He's a stocky, barrel chested boy, about 31 inches tall, and he's a big ole softie. He was rescued by his last owners from a horrible situation – tied outdoors without fresh water or shelter. They were unable to find a suitable home for him, and were unable to keep him themselves. Despite his rough life, Jake is very gentle. He loves people, and loves attention, but he knows not to jump up. His manners are surprisingly good, and he's very praise-motivated. He loves nothing more than snuggling, and he's quite convinced that he's a lapdog. Jake does well with other dogs – particularly if they'll play with him. He has lived with male and female Great Danes, two medium-sized mixes, and a Chinese Crested. He has also lived peacefully with cats and a rooster. Jake will do well in just about any home where he can get the love he deserves. Jake came to MAGDRL in March 2014. (7)
  • Kingston
    Additional Photos
    Kingston is a 2 year old large black male with natural ears given up when his owner fell ill. Kingston lived with a medium sized female mixed breed in his original home. He is currently in a foster home with a male and female Dane and two young teens. He meets visitors with tail wags and lots of leans and slobbers, yes slobbers, he is a drooler. Kingston is not only large but he has lots of energy, no surprise as he is a young healthy Dane. He can be pushy and likes to have all of the attention all of the time. Kingston needs a large female canine companion who can tolerate his rough play and help him burn off some of that energy. Because of his size and rough housing, he will not be placed with very young children. He has lived with cats but we were told he had little interaction with them. So cats are really unknown, however he does not appear to have a very high prey drive. Kingston is also a sock stealer and toy destroyer. He has swallowed socks only discovered after his stomach rejected them and sent them back up from where they came. So he will need to be watched very carefully to prevent him from repeating this behavior. Kingston is a sweet and friendly boy. He needs some guidance and direction to help him be the best companion he can be. Training will be a requirement of his adoption. Kingston came to MAGDRL in February 2014. (3)
  • Lacy
    Additional Photos - updated 3/3/14
    Lacy is currently on medical hold
    Lacy is an approximate 2-3 year old black female with natural ears. She is a happy, playful young Dane. Lacy came to us after being left chained outside, and she was in bad shape. She's putting on weight quickly, but is on hold while she recovers from infected pressure sores, a double ear infection, severe happy tail, and a UTI. Despite her background, Lacy is housebroken and has very good manners. She is terrific with other dogs, male and female. She's also good with cats. She loves being around people of all ages. Lacy is very gentle, and is great with kids. She loves to play with stuffies and romp with her foster sister and brothers. Once she's fully healthy, Lacy will be looking for an active home with at least one canine companion to play with. Lacy came to MAGDRL in January 2014. (7)
    Update 3/1/14 - Lacy has had a rough few weeks, but is on the mend. She had surgery to remove a growth in her mouth, and had her spay surgery at the same time. The growth was benign (a papilloma, common in young dogs), but she then had a reaction to her sutures, and required a second surgery. Also, despite valiant efforts by our vet to save the end of her tail, the happy tail was just too severe, and she had to have the last three inches amputated. But during all of this, her infections and sores healed, and she was able to gain all the weight she needed. She is scheduled to have her stitches removed in three weeks, and will be looking for an active family, with at least one canine sibling to join. She remains indomitably happy no matter where she is, and she brings a smile to everyone who meets her.
    Update 4/3/14 - Lacy unfortunately had to have more of her tail amputated because the end just would not heal. The vet also determined that she's a contortionist, so she's now sporting a bright pink, custom-made, virtually indestructible e-collar which prevents her from reaching her back end. Her abdomen has fully healed, and she's back to being her happy, playful self. The hardest part now is just keeping her quiet for a couple more weeks. She is scheduled to have her tail sutures removed in the third week of April, and will be ready to go start her new life!
  • Lucy
    Additional Photos
    Lucy is a beautiful black female with natural ears who will be 3 years old in March. She was given up because of a divorce situation. Lucy is a very affectionate and playful girl. She is very people oriented and is a typical Velcro Dane. She is crate trained but has been good when left out of the crate in her current foster home. She is housetrained. She has lived with another Dane but is too rough and tough for the male greyhound in her foster home. She has never been exposed to cats. She has never lived with small children so will not be placed with them. She greets all visitors with a friendly wagging tail. She is very playful and energetic. She is very smart and wants to please. She will only be placed with another large dog who can tolerate her dominant behavior. Lucy came to MAGDRL in February 2014. (3)
    Update 3/29/14 - It's been a week and Lucy is settling in nicely in her new foster home. She is respectful of the house rules and learns quickly. She respects the boundaries of not going into the kitchen when meals are being prepared by the use of a small gate and an "out of the kitchen" command. At night, she sleeps downstairs on her dog bed. She is not a jumper, but does get super happy when her foster family comes home! She will lean her beautiful body on you till she gets hugs! She loves hugs, pets, and kisses to her head. She thinks she is a lap dog!!! Lucy is getting an eye flush and ointment twice a day and is a good girl when it is applied. Lucy is crated 6-7 hours during the day and is a perfect lady while in there. She walks well on a leash with a few reminders during the walk to not pull. She is super friendly when meeting the neighbors and the neighbors dogs! She is very playful and enjoys toys! Lucy knows sit, stay, come, and paw. Lucy is in a foster home with 6 furry siblings. She tries to play with them. Lucy is not aware of her size so she is supervised closely to make sure everyone is safe. She is super curious of the parrot in the home, so she is kept at a distance just in case. Lucy has been wonderful with kids so far. Her exposure has been to children 9 and up. Lucy would make a wonderful family pet and would fit nicely into a home as the only pet or with a larger dog she can play with! She is a lover of a dog that wants so much to be part of a forever family!
  • Manny (was Tiny)
    Additional Photos - updated 1/29/12
    View a video of Manny!
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    Manny is a sweet 3 1/2 year old harlequin male with natural ears and a visual impairment. He came from a shelter where his owners failed to come and claim him on his second round. Manny doesn’t know a stranger and loves everyone he meets. Manny is house trained, respects baby gates, does not get on furniture, but will counter surf if the opportunity presents itself. He has some vision problems but his hearing is very good. Due to his vision impairment he will not be placed with small children and due to an incident with chickens in his first foster home we will not place Manny with small animals. He is currently being fostered with male and female great danes and seems to really enjoy their company. Manny needs a fenced yard with appropriate fencing as he’s been known to climb the fence, he is always supervised while outside. A fencing exception will not be considered for Manny due to his vision impairment. He is very soft mouthed when taking treats, eats like a gentleman and is very respectful of the seniors in his foster home. Manny is a big mush who adores people and loves to snuggle. He needs some leash work and due to his strength will be learning to walk on a no pull harness. He will need training classes to help socialization, leash manners, and basic obedience. His foster mom continues to work on exposing Manny to new things as his previous exposure was very limited. Manny came to MAGDRL in December 2010. (6) - updated 1/27/12
    Update 3/8/13 - Manny is an absolute love bug, he loves every person he meets. He would do best in a home with a large low key female dog. Manny still gets very stimulated by medium to small fluffy animals and would need to be place in a household that does not have any that reside there or that visit the household. Manny is ready to find his forever people.
  • Mateo
    Additional Photos - updated 11/3/13
    kids 15+
    Mateo is looking for a foster home. Can you help?
    Mateo is a healthy male who came into MAGDRL with a female Dane Sada. He is a young 8 years old who likes to play and has a good appetite. He's house broken and is very gentle when you give him a treat. Mateo is a little shy of men when he first meets them as he lived in a home with all woman. He's a real love bug and enjoys getting all the attention you can give him. He does pull a bit on lead but is manageable. Would like to see him adopted with Sada as he's very attached to her and they love to play together. He should go to a home where someone is home the majority of the day and no young children as they make him nervous and he will air snap so its best he's not placed in a home with children under 15 years old or a home that doesn't have young children that come over to visit a lot. Mateo came to MAGDRL in January 2013. (1)
    Update 5/4/13 - Mateo might be 8 years in age but he doesn't act it at all, he loves to run and doesn't show any problems with his rear legs. He loves to snuggle and seems to enjoy being around woman as he's sometimes shy of men. Mateo is very sweet and needs a home without a fencing exception as he will take off and run.
    Update 11/2/13 - Mateo is a quiet laid back kinda guy. His most favorite thing to do in the world is chew on his Nylabone. A very good eater, loves to ride in the car. Is very good for a bath. Just a love bug. Will take all the hugs you can give him. I don't think that he is good with anything small. He's not a barkie kind of dog. Is very well behaved. Pulls a bit on lead but nothing to bad. While we originally wanted to see Mateo placed with Sada, we have found that he would do fine without her as well. Mateo is very healthy for his age. Gets around just fine. He would be a great addition to any family that just wants a real mush. Mateo would love to have a family to call his own, don't let the gray around his muzzle fool you, he still gets the zoomies in the yard and that won't stop the unconditional love he'll give you.
  • Moose
    Additional Photos
    Moose is a Rescue In Need.
    Moose is a 3 year old very large black male with natural ears. He has a very relaxed personality and it took him less then an hour to settle into the routine of the household. He does great with the other Dane in the house and has not had any issues when meeting others dogs on the street. Moose's lives up to the lazy couch potato Dane characteristics. He is the happiest with just laying in his bed and watching everyone else doing their business. He only gets up for the necessary excitements in life: walks, food and cuddles. He has a fun little dance when he sees us putting on our shoes and getting the leash ready and his whole body wiggles when his tail wags. He is a big leaner so brace yourself. Moose came in with some infected paw pads but that has all cleared up. We have learned that he is great with foot soaks and baths. Nothing seems to bother this guy. We have noticed that when he gets over excited he can start talking back at you, but all in play. He doesn't like being left alone, but having another dog with him does ease him a bit. He does not tolerate going into a crate but has been great with not chewing anything or jumping on any furniture when left alone. He will not be placed with children under 12 as we have no history of him with any. He is big and his "talky" personality can be misinterpreted, so he will need a Dane experienced home. Moose came to MAGDRL in March 2014. (3)
    Update 4/19/14 - Moose is now a Rescue in Need. He hurt his left knee and then had a terrible reaction to the Rimadyl he was taking for pain and ended up in the Vet Hospital for almost a week with hemorrhagic diarrhea and no appetite. He was given fluids and supportive therapy until his GI tract healed and he started eating again. He is also now having cold laser treatments to help his knee heal. We are not sure yet if he will need surgery, we will see how he does over the next few weeks. In the meantime Moose is in a foster home with 3 other Danes and doing very well there. He is also good with the school age children in his foster home. Everyone who meets Moose falls in love. He is just a HUGE MUSH and one of those Danes everyone wants to take home.
  • Onyx
    Additional Photos
    Onyx is a sweet 6 year old black female with natural ears. She came to MAGDRL after being in a shelter for many months during a court case for her custody. The shelter reported Onyx got out of her previous owner’s yard and had to be picked up by animal control several times. Despite her tough situation, Onyx quickly settled into the quiet environment of her foster home. She knows basic commands: sit, stay, shake, and lay down. When she came to her foster home, her arthritis affected her mobility but now it is controlled with medicine and she LOVES going on walks and runs! When Onyx sees another dog on walks, she pulls on the leash and barks. Her foster family is working with her on leash manners and appropriate responses to other dogs. When she sees other humans, she always wants to be friends and get some more attention! She does not jump up or lick. Onyx isn’t crate trained but can be trusted without direct supervision. She only likes to go 4-5 hours alone because she gets too lonely, so a mid-day potty break and walk is good for her. The shelter reported she previously lived with a medium-large male dog. Her history with cats and children is unknown. Therefore she won’t be places with children under 12 years old. Onyx is always working and wiggling her way into spaces to lay her head on one of her humans in hopes of getting her head scratched! Rarely does she let her foster parents out of her sight Onyx doesn’t know what to do with toys, but she loves rawhide bones. Onyx is eager to please and often will sit and lift her paw up because she knows treats usually follow. If lifting one paw doesn’t work, she tries with the other one and if THAT doesn’t work she will give a gentle nudge with her head to remind you she did tricks and deserves some cheese! Onyx came to MAGDRL in February 2014. (5)
  • Optimus
    Additional Photos
    Optimus is a 2 1/2 year old fawn male with natural ears. He came to rescue because his family was pregnant with a fourth child and no longer could afford him, or had the time for him. Optimus is a large male weighing in at 150 lbs. With that being said he is a gentle giant who loves critters big and small. He gets along great with everything, big, small, male, female, dog, cat, he is gentle with everything. He knows his manners and is easily corrected. He lived with small children in his previous home and was great. He gets spunky for a few minutes but tires out pretty quickly, plays well with both dominant female Dane and male pit-bull in foster home. Optimus is trustworthy left out alone but will go in a crate. He has Addison's disease for which he requires an inexpensive daily medication and a pretty expensive shot administered once every 40 or so days. He lives a completely normal life other than a lot of water drinking. He can be timid at first but warms up quickly, I think he would do best in a home with another dog to keep him active. Optimus came to MAGDRL in April 2014. (4)
  • Penny (Penelope)
    Additional Photos - updated 1/5/14
    Penny is a 8 1/2 month old (DOB 12/26/12) 90 pound merle female with natural ears. She is the sweetest, non-stop wiggly butt. She came into rescue with her sister Midget who has already been adopted. Penny was very dependent on her sister and she didn't know any commands. When you tried to walk her on a leash she would flatten herself on the ground or back out of her collar and harness. She also had happy tail which made her foster's house look like a crime scene. Penny had a really long tail and when she wagged it she would hit herself on each side of her shoulders. So, Penny had her tail docked and she wore a mini e-collar type cone over it to allow it to heal properly. She has the cutest tail and it has healed very nicely. Penny has come along way since she first came into rescue. She now walks on a leash, know sit, wait, go, down and come. She loves to play with Petey, one of the foster home's 3 Danes and has learned that the ball with the rope is great for playing tug and playing chase. She would do best placed with an older, confident male dog to play with and be around, not another puppy. She's good when we dremel her nails and enjoys getting her ears cleans and taking a bath. Penny is not trustworthy with a bed in her crate, and when she's bored she'll rip up her dog bed. She would do best in a home where she someone is home for at least part of the day and she's not confined to a crate for 7 or more hours a day. Penny is still a puppy, and due to her chewing she's do best in a home with children 10 years or older, so she doesn't get a hold of the children's toys. She will out grow this, and has been doing better. She's excellent in the car. She loves to give kisses and snuggle with you. Obedience training will be a condition of Penny's adoption. Penny came to MAGDRL in July 2013. (1)
    Update 1/5/14 - Penny is now a year old but is all puppy. We still don't put a bed in her crate until its time for bed as she will rip it up during the day if she's in the crate. She's only crated for about 4 hours during the day. Penny has mastered her house training and will now come to you and bark to let you know she has to go out. She gets along with the other 3 Danes in her foster home but her favorite thing is playing chase with a ball in her mouth or tug with a 2 year old male Dane.
    Update 3/16/14 - Penny is now 15 months old but is still a puppy in some ways. She is 100% house trained. When you take her out to go if you tell her, "Pee-Pee" she will stop what she's doing and pee, this is great when its freezing out and you don't want to stand out in the cold waiting for her to go :) Penny knows her basic commands both voice and hand signal for sit, down, wait, back, go, come, leave it, watch, and she walks well on a leash, but that doesn't change the fact that she'll have a training contract with her new adopters. She's a very happy pup and from the time she gets up in the morning she wants to play with Petey a 2 year old male. Penny can't be placed in a home as an "only" dog, she needs to be placed with a male dog that's confident, trained and older than her. She's also not a first time dog/Dane owner, the reason for that is that Penny has a habit of "inhaling" her food and water. We've slowed her down with her food by placing 2 large stainless steel balls (made for this reason) in her food bowl when she eats, and this has helped a lot. The other issue is drinking water, Penny drinks very fast and seems to gulp in a large amount of water and if you watch her you can see her sides expand right before your eyes. The first time her foster saw this she thought she was "bloating"... If you felt her sides they were like a rock but you could also feel the movement of air and hear the gurgling in her belly, so she started gently rubbing her side while she was leaning on me and she let out a HUGH burp and her sides when flat and her belly was soft again. But in all fairness its not always a burp and she releases gas from the other end or both ends :) This doesn't stop her from being a happy puppy and she loves to play chase with Petey and Maggie in the yard especially if we have snow you can see her zipping around in her yellow jacket.
  • Pepper
    Additional Photos
    Pepper is a 5 year old beautiful tall mantle girl with cropped ears. One is flopped which gives her great character. Pepper is a very affectionate and loving girl. She was returned after being adopted and placed in a foster home with 6 children, she is doing great with them there. Pepper does have her quirks, she stresses when left alone. She will rip up any "bags" left in her reach. Her foster home has figured this out and is careful about it, as well as hiding treats and toys for her to find. This has worked well. She is doing great with the boundaries set for her and is learning "stay" as well as reinforcing all of her obedience commands. Pepper has lived with other dogs and is selective about who she likes and dislikes, so she is best as an only dog, but can probably live in peace with a laid back confident large male. Pepper has not lived with cats and will not be placed with any. Pepper came back to MAGDRL in March 2014. (3)
  • Petey
    Additional Photos
    View a video of Petey!
    Petey is currently on medical hold.
    Petey is a 6 month old (DOB 08/22/2013) deaf male harlequin with natural ears who is all puppy. He was very skinny and not housebroken when he came into rescue. He has very large feet, so he will be a very large boy when he reaches his full growth. Petey has the cutest squishiest face that I love to mess with and he loves all of the attention. He has slight hip dysplasia making him a bit wobbly when walking especially when he first wakes up. We are working on basic obedience training and potty training. Petey is picking up potty training pretty quickly and is finally going to the door to go outside, we will need to work on alerting me when he needs to go out. He walks nicely on a leash as long as you are walking, he gets bored just standing there and will start to pull to go elsewhere. He also has very nice table manners. He isn’t one to come up and put his head on the table. He will go lay down and as long as you are in sight he is a happy boy. He is learning to love his crate, at night we do puppy snuggles in the crate together until he falls asleep. It’s comforting to him and seems to be helping him accept being in the crate during the day. Petey is a very sweet loving boy. He is a true Velcro Dane but is beginning to venture outside on his own with his foster Dane sisters and even by himself. He loves everyone he meets and is especially tolerant of children. Petey is currently being sponsored by a local Girl Scout troop and on his first meeting with the girl’s, he pranced right into their circle and loved on every single child in the circle. He is very gentle for a 6 month old Dane puppy. Petey wants to play with every dog he meets. He is very friendly and appears to be well socialized. Petey has befriended the neighbor’s dogs and enjoys regular play dates with many other dogs. Petey also enjoys frolicking in the pond. He would do well in a home with children of any age and needs to be in a home with a canine companion. His future home will need to understand he does have hip dysplasia which may cause some health issues as he grows into himself. We will require obedience training as a requirement of his adoption. Petey will be on a medical hold until he has a bit more weight on him. Petey came to MAGDRL in February 2014. (5)
  • Piper
    Additional Photos - updated 3/29/14
    Piper is a Rescue In Need and is currently on medical hold.
    Piper is a 5 year old fawn female with natural ears. Piper was kept outside for much of her life and forced to endure harsh elements. She came into the rescue as an owner surrender emaciated and in poor medical health having both hook worms and heart worms. Piper has blossomed in the loving environment offered to her by her foster family and the rescue. She is currently undergoing heartworm treatment, which is going well, with an expected cost of $1,200.00. Piper is a loving girl that likes to be close to her foster family and gets along well with children and other male and female dogs in her current foster home. She is crate trained, very gentle and listens to basic commands. She would be a good fit for an active family with lots of love to give. Piper came to MAGDRL in December 2013. (5)
    Update 3/24/14 - Piper is doing well, she is done with all her treatments and will get her final test soon to make sure she is worm free. She has lots of energy and loves to run around the yard. She does best in her crate when left alone and likes to go into it just to nap. Piper is a sweet girl and really loves to be close to her people. She is looking for a forever home where she can gets lots of love.
  • Rina
    Additional Photos
    View a video of Rina!
    Rina is a 2 year old black female with natural ears. She came to rescue, along with her brother, from a shelter where she was taken after her owner was arrested. Rina is an extremely loyal girl who loves to be loved and will give that in return. However, because she has been bounced around so much recently she needs someone that can be patient with her. She does not warm up immediately to new people, so she needs some patience and time. She will bark and growl until she gets to know you. Rina will only be placed with children over the age of 12. She is currently being fostered with a small breed dog, and does well with him. She also used to live with a male Dane. We do not know how she is with cats. Rina is great with most obedience commands, but needs to learn how to sit. She is absolutely fantastic walking on a leash, and walks with grace and royalty. Rina is not crated when left alone, and does well. However, she will not go up and down a full flight of stairs in a home. One of her big issues is that Rina is still working on her potty training. She doesn’t always remember that she should wait to go outside, but is getting better every day! She will also “nervous pee” if something scares her. However, once you are in her heart Rina will protect you and love you to pieces. She loves to cuddle, hug, and kiss. She is extremely affectionate and sweet. Rina came to MAGDRL in February 2014. (4)
    Update 4/16/14 - Rina has made significant progress in her foster home. She is now comfortable with walking up and down the stairs and is fully comfortable with her crate! she still needs to be with a family or people that have patience with her and lots of time and love to give, otherwise she gets scared and wants to simply BE around the person. Her potty training has improved, as there have not been any accidents in the house and she knows to go outdoors. She knows the following commands: stay, lay down, come/come here and answers to her name. She currently has a bandage on her tail from having the "happy tail" syndrome. She loves being fresh and clean and she is absolutely a sweetheart! Her barking and growling at strangers hasn't completely gone away, but it has improved a great deal! Continued training will be a requirement of her adoption. She is ready to be with a family that will give her lots of love as she really needs and deserves it.
  • Roxie
    Additional Photos - updated 10/26/12
    Roxie is an 8 year old blue female with cropped ears. She is a sweet, affectionate senior girl that loves to be with her people. She has one cropped standing ear and one flopped ear, which makes her even cuter. She came to MAGDRL from a family who had her since a pup and just had no time for her anymore and left her alone for up to 12 hours a day. Her coat is a little dry and dull but her foster home is working on improving this with a better quality food and treats. She takes correction like a champ and will give you her paw every time you ask. She is housebroken, has no food aggression, and is great on the leash. She barks to let you knows someone is at the door. When she gets tired, she finds her spot and you don't hear a peep out of her for hours. She did growl a bit at first at her canine foster brother and sister, but within three or four days everything was fine. She was more than likely just confused and scared as to where she was and needed time to feel safe. Although Roxie has a slight incontinence problem while she sleeps, she is on an inexpensive medicine and hasn't had an accident since! Roxie is wonderful and gentle with children despite her size. When visiting relatives she was a perfect lady and everyone loved her. Roxie still likes to play in the yard and go out for short walks. Roxie is a laid back love bug and deserves to live out her life filled with love and happiness. Roxie came to MAGDRL in March 2012. (3)
    Update 10/23/12 - Roxie wins the heart of everyone she meets with her sweetness and her up in your face "love me" eyes. She continues to do well on her medication and has no leaking accidents if she gets this routinely. She is a Velcro doggie and the minute I get up she is ready to move wherever I go... even if it is up to the bathroom for 2 minutes, she will follow. She is my little grey shadow! Roxie is a paper shredder and a barker. She will not chew furniture or anything like that, but any kind of kids toy or paper she can get a hold of, she will chew it or rip it apart. She loves to bark, especially outside. Sometimes we will look up and down the street and there is nothing there and wonder why she is barking but Roxie knows something we don't and will try to warn us of it. Roxie also hates to be alone and will bark when we leave the house, letting us know in no uncertain terms her displeasure at being left. She shakes at thunderstorms and will sometimes go hide in the bathroom... she wont even eat if it is storming out. She also does not like machinery and goes crazy and barks and tries to attack something like a lawnmower when running, so we usually have to keep her in the house if doing anything like that. So you have to know that Roxie will warn and protest against all the evils that she feels the world has out to get you. But overall, she is super sweet and anyone that comes into my house absolutely adores her. She loves walks and to rest her head on your chest. She seems to be in good shape for her age and can maneuver up and down steps no problem and would probably chase you down if you have some peanut butter! All she asks is to be loved, which she is and if her forever family comes someday, they will be loved forever by her. Roxie is just a love bug and just a sweet sweet girl!
    Update 9/21/13 - Roxie has been in her foster home for over a year now and continues to be a loving and easy companion. She is 9 years old and doing great for her age. She is so pretty and easy, it is amazing she has had no interest since coming to MAGDRL. We would love to see Roxie go to a forever home. Even though she is a senior, she still has lots of love to give.
  • Sada
    Additional Photos - updated 11/3/13
    kids 15+
    Sada is looking for a foster home. Can you help?
    Sada is a sweet healthy 4 year old female who came into MAGDRL with a male Dane Mateo. She loves to be played with and given attention. She has a lot of energy and would do best with another dog. It would be wonderful if she could be adopted with Mateo as they really do so well together and like to play with each other. She is vocal and likes to bark (talk) to you when she plays. She takes treats very gently from you and she's house trained. Sada does pull a bit on a leash so a gentle leader should be use. She does listen well when you correct her. She will need obedience classes. Sada is a bit on the shy side and needs to go into a home that will work on building her confidence. Its best if she's not placed in a home with children under the age of 15 years old as she's shy and if nervous she'll back up bark and grumble until she feels secure. She needs time to warm up to new situations. Sada came to MAGDRL in January 2013. (1)
    Update 5/4/13 - Sada is a bit of a wild child and she can be a bully when she wants to play with her brother Mateo. Though they play well together. Mateo has learned how to get away from her. He runs to me, but when he's had enough he'll tackle her to the ground and that ends her wild playing. He never hurts her, he just lets her know--"ENOUGH". A butt rub puts her over the moon and gives her the zoomies. Sada is very sweet and needs to be placed with another dog. She will not be placed in a fencing exception as she will take off and run.
    Update 11/2/13 - Sada is a fun loving dog with lots of energy. She gets along well with other dogs, and even through we had wanted her placed with Mateo, we have found that she would do well another dog as well. She is a very good eater. Loves to ride in the car. Pulls a bit on lead. Is very good for a bath. Loves all the attention you can give her. She's a talker. Likes to voice her opinion often. Very healthy. Just a real sweet girl. Lots of fun!
  • Sam
    Additional Photos
    Sam is a 7 year old handsome mantle male with natural ears. He was given up because he had an occasional issue with the alpha dog in his previous home. His owner was also expecting a new baby so thought it was best to rehome him. Sam is in a foster home with another male Dane who is approximately the same age. They have been introduced slowly and are doing very well with this slow integration. He did live with no issues with another large male dog in his previous home. Sam is a mellow boy, is very affectionate and loves his people. He is a typical Velcro Dane and wants to be where you are. He is house trained, crate trained and trustworthy in the house. Active children do make him nervous so he will not be placed into an active home with young children. Sam walks well on a leash but does react to approaching strange dogs. Once introduced and learns there is no threat, he is fine. Sam is a very sweet boy who wants to be loved. He deserves a quiet home where he can spend his senior years in peace. We know he can be placed with other dogs who will treat an old guy with respect. Sam came to MAGDRL in September 2013. (3)
  • Winston
    Additional Photos
    Winston is looking for a foster home. Can you help?
    Winston is an approximately 4 year old merle male with natural ears. Winston came to MAGDRL as a very thin, stray so we have no history on him. He is crate trained, fairly active and is very curious about is surroundings. Winston is an insecure dog by nature which makes it essential that he be placed in an environment with a high level of consistency. When he is unsure, he barks a bit until he no longer feels afraid. A consistent routine with slow introductions to new people is required for Winston to build self-confidence. He approaches strangers with caution and will quickly withdraw if they attempt to reach out to him. Winston is very food motivated and that seems to help him overcome his fearfulness and when meeting new people a treat goes a long way to helping him decide you are a good person. Once he has established a level of trust, he enjoys seeking out affection. Winston will need his own space so he is able to remove himself if he starts to feel overwhelmed. Winston's leash skills have improved with each training session. We have no history of children and because of his demeanor we are saying no children. When exposed to a cat he acknowledged her but happily returned his attention to the person who had just given him a treat. He has met other dogs and has done beautifully. He was playful and took cues from a well-adjusted female without hesitation. For this reason we do feel he would be more relaxed around a female companion that could reassure him in those new situations. If he were an only dog he is going to need a Dane savvy home that will set the limits and boundaries as well as take the lead in new situations so Winston can be assured that he is safe. Everyone who meets him and spends time with him falls in love with him. With the right family who is understanding and patient and with a consistent routine he will bond quickly and be a wonderful family addition. Winston came to MAGDRL in December 2013. (2)
  • Zorro
    Additional Photos
    kids 15+
    Zorro is a 4 year old brindle male with natural ears. He came into rescue in the end of August due to domestic violence in the home. Zorro's original owner said he lived with cats and other dogs-a Dane, Shepherd, mini Schnauzer, and Pekingese. He also lived with 2 teenagers. This poor boy was found as a puppy living in a basement of an abandoned house, he was very skinny and was eating the sheet rock and insulation. Now he's been uprooted again after 3 years of living in a home. When he came into rescue he was thin and had a skin infection which made his coat look like it was moth eaten, sores and was very dry. The boarding facility where he is staying has been working on his food issues. His owner said when its feeding time, he seems to panic like he's not going to get his food and he'll run in his crate. While she was putting his bowl in his crate he would growl but never attempted to bite, he just wants his food. She would lock the door and walk away. When he's finished he'd cry/whine to let you know he's done and wants to come out. His boarding facility has never seen Zorro growl when its feeding time. They put the bowl down and when they walk out of his area he'll then go over and eat. He's very gentle when you hand feed him. Zorro needs a foster home to work with him, this poor boy hasn't had it easy, it's about time someone cuts him a break. Zorro came to MAGDRL in August 2013. (1)
  • Elsa - Courtesy
    Additional Photos
    Elsa is a courtesy listing.
    Please contact your local coordinator for more information on her.
    Elsa is a beautiful 9 year old fawn female who has found herself without a home due to the economy. She is looking for a quiet home where she can enjoy her golden years. She is a friendly and playful girl who has very good manners, though she will counter surf if allowed. She has good leash manners, and loves going for long walks. She has no experience interacting with other dogs, and she shows a bit of prey drive toward cats, so she really would do best in a home where she have all the attention for herself. (7)

    MAGDRL occasionally lists danes that are available for adoption through another rescuer, shelter or individual. These danes have not been evaluated by MAGDRL, and MAGDRL makes no representation about the dane or the rescuer. Adoptions of courtesy listings do not follow MAGDRL's adoption process, and any proceeds do not normally go to MAGDRL. Adoption fees are at the discretion of the individual or rescuer.
  • Stella - Courtesy
    Additional Photos
    Stella is a courtesy listing.
    Please contact your local coordinator for more information on her.
    Stella is a 7 year old spayed female mix who needs to be rehomed. We believe she may be a Dane mix but she is only about 75 lbs. Stella is very sweet with people and good with children. She can get excited when meeting new people so children 12 or older would probably be best. She prefers to be the only canine family member. She does not do well living with other dogs. Stella is crate trained but is trustworthy when not crated. If interested in Stella, please contact your local Chapter Coordinator. (3)

    MAGDRL occasionally lists danes that are available for adoption through another rescuer, shelter or individual. These danes have not been evaluated by MAGDRL, and MAGDRL makes no representation about the dane or the rescuer. Adoptions of courtesy listings do not follow MAGDRL's adoption process, and any proceeds do not normally go to MAGDRL. Adoption fees are at the discretion of the individual or rescuer.
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