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  • Bella
    Additional Photos
    Bella is a Rescue In Need and is currently on medical hold
    Bella is a 2 year old petite black female with natural ears who was given up because her human mother died. Bella is incredibly sweet, but because she spent much of her early years in a garage, she craves pets and cuddles. Bella is in a foster home with a 4 year old male Dane. Neither dog is aggressive and the 4 year old definitely takes the lead, they got along immediately. She had previously lived with a 9 year old Golden, and was reported to have done well. She seems to do better with dogs who appreciate her playful nature, since she still acts like a young pup. She has been exposed to cats, and showed no aggression, she simply barked as if she was unsure of what they were. Bella is a typical Dane who prefers the couch over the floor and wants to be by your side at all times, and she seems to prefer females but she is fine with all the males in her foster home. She is completely house trained, but because of her previous time in the garage, does not do well in confined spaces and stresses in a crate. This problem has been solved by gating her in a small room and she does well this way. Because she is only 2, she does chew a little, but is quite satisfied chewing on provided chew toys or Kongs filled with peanut butter. Bella did not arrive with any obedience training, but has quickly learned to sit and wants nothing more than to please her people. Bella loves the children in her foster home (10 and 11 year old boys) and loves to play soccer and give kisses. She responds well to normal child noise and chaos, and is never aggressive (not with toys, food, nor people) but does act a little skittish when new people arrive or if she is scared. Bella is currently receiving heart-worm treatment, so she needs to find a home where she can continue to see a vet for her care and who will be able to continue her restricted activity. Bella will thrive in a home where someone is home a lot to pet her and play. She wants to be someone’s best friend, especially an adult female, and will give as much love to the humans and the children as she can. She also loves to play with another dog, so can be another dog’s best friend too. She is currently on medical hold but once most of her heartworm treatment has been completed we will consider placing her with someone who can commit to continuing her medical care. Bella came to MAGDRL in November 2014. (3)
    Update 1/4/15 - Bella, who has now been dubbed “TinkerBella”, has been with her foster home since November and this beautiful black 2 1/2 year old Dane has made herself at home, shadowing every movement of her 4 year old Dane foster brother Griff and finding every opportunity to give kisses and receive pets from the humans in the house. Bella likes to give pets as much as she receives them, which can result in a paw in your coffee cup, but she means well and is working on waiting until coffee time is finished. Because Bella is still young, she loves a lot of play time, but is very happy to play outside with her foster Dane brother for short periods of time in the morning and evening. She does get scared to go outside by herself at times, but will happily go with human company. Until recently she has been staying in designated dog room while the family is at work; however, during the holiday she was left out for a few hours at a time and was a perfect angel. When Bella first arrived, she did not know how to sit by command or lay down and did not know how to walk on a leash. She has come a long way and will sit and lay down (sometimes with a little coaxing), even when her humans are eating dinner at the table. The only time she consistently forgets her manners is if a kid is eating a snack on the couch, which is too tempting (she is still working on resisting the urge to snack). She is a stereotypical Dane “counter-surfer”, but responds well to no. Her leash-walking skills have improved immensely, and it is cute to watch because she is all lady as she prances her way by your side. Bella has also discovered cuddling and has discovered she loves it whether it is on the floor near bedtime, or on a couch or bed. She will sleep on her dog bed in the same room in which Griff and the 10 year old human sleeps, but prefers to climb onto the bed to snuggle with the 10 year old when the opportunity exists. Bella does pretty well on road trips, but still needs to be reminded to sit and lay down in the back during the beginning of the trip. Bella is incredibly sweet in all ways. She runs to greet you at the door, sits as close to you as she can, and tries to lick away any tears the children may have when they get hurt. She has exhibited no aggression, not toward toys, food or people. She is, however, still skittish at points, especially around new men and unknown noises, especially the ice maker. This is displayed as a half-crouch and a bark. The minute someone presses the ice dispenser, she peeks into the kitchen from the other room and begins barking. Bella begins her second round of heart-worm the first week in January. When that is finished, she will need to be spayed. Bella will thrive in a home where someone is home a lot to pet her and play, especially if there are females in the house; she automatically draws herself toward women first. She wants to be someone’s best friend, especially an adult female, and will give as much love to the humans and the children as she can.
  • Bill & Paul
    Additional Photos
    Bill & Paul are looking for a foster home. Can you help?
    These 2 beautiful boys are 3 year old harlequin males named Bill-who's deaf and Paul. MAGDRL was original called in October about these 2 dogs when someone saw then on eBay Classified. We tried contacting the owner but she didn't want to work with rescue and felt she could better place the 2 of them. Since that time they had bounced from several homes and ended up in a shelter. The shelter personnel called us and said, "We hear you know about these 2 dogs", so they came into rescue. These boys are "BONDED" with each other. Even though Bill is deaf, its Paul that is the needy one and follows every move that Bill makes. He always has Bill in view and the boys will lie down and entwine their bodies together--its so cute. We heard that the both of them would get in the same crate to sleep. Both of the boys are house trained, they have good appetites and are eating Taste Of The Wild. Paul has tendency to play rough and will grab your arm or even hit you with his paw when playing. Both the boys have a lot of energy. They love the attention and Paul will lean into you once he has settled down when outside while Bill is exploring the yard. We were able to speak to one family that had the 2 of them for about 3 weeks and they probably would have kept them but Bill started to have an issue with their male Bulldog so they decided to re-home them. Due to this reason we feel its best that they are placed together in a home without other dogs. These dogs are not for a first time dog or Dane owner. They are very large and need training which will be part of the adoption contract. Just due to their size, and the fact that Bill is deaf, they won't be placed in a home with children younger than 12 years old. No fencing exceptions allowed, it must be a physical barrier fence. Bill and Paul came to MAGDRL in December 2014. (1)
  • Bo
    Additional Photos - updated 1/25/15
    Bo is an almost 8 year old (DOB 12/2006) fawn male with natural ears. He came to rescue after his owner's grandchild moved in, who was allergic to Bo. Bo is one of the sweetest and most loyal dogs his foster Mom has been around. When he first came to his foster home, he was a little unsure of himself and a bit scared. He was having a lot of trouble going up stairs. We weren't sure if it was due to age, arthritis, or just being stiff and sore from his traveling that day. She put an orthopedic dog bed on the main level so he could rest and not worry about steps. After she put the kids down for bed and got ready herself, she kept hearing whining noises. Bo was standing at the bottom of the stairs whining because he wanted to be up with the family. She helped him up the stairs, put his bed on the floor next to her bed, and he crashed for the night. The next morning he was like a new dog. He now goes up and down stairs fine. Bo's vet says he shows signs of degenerative neurologic disease in his hind limbs and tail, leading to loss of coordination and fecal incontinence. We have him in a routine now of going outside for 20-30 minutes after he eats and this is helping him a lot. Bo also has a slight irregular heart beat that will have to be monitored, which also makes it so he cannot be neutered. Bo is fine with the two small dogs in his foster home, but is unknown with cats. He walks well on a leash and actually loves going for walks. Bo is not crazy about younger dogs that are trying to play with him, but he is very patient. He is fine in the crate during the day. He just wants to be loved and he is so loveable. He has so much love to give to people. Bo came to MAGDRL in September 2014. (2)
    Update 1/18/15 - Bo is a very young acting 8 year old. We have found out that he likes to chase and nip at cats, but his foster family is working on that. Bo gets along great with the other dogs in his foster home. He is a sweet boy that just wants a forever home to live out his senior years.
  • Bo #2
    Additional Photos
    Bo #2 is a Rescue In Need and is currently on medical hold.
    Bo is a beautiful merle 9 month old mantle marked merle puppy with the friendliest, happiest personality. He's a big boy already! He was rescued by good Samaritans after wandering the streets with a badly injured leg. The leg injury turned out to be both a condition called osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD) and an ACL injury. In addition, he had mange, whipworms, and coccidia. Bo has had one surgery on his leg already, prior to coming into rescue, but the joint is continuing to deteriorate and will require additional surgery. We are awaiting the results of a joint tap, which will help determine the cause of the OCD, and then will proceed as soon as possible. Bo will be on medical hold for the near future while we get him healthy. Despite everything he has been through in his young life, Bo loves everyone he meets. He gives big Dane kisses to whomever will give him attention – even vet techs doing things that are not comfortable at all! He is energetic and playful and seems to not even notice that his leg isn't working correctly. He is learning his basic manners quickly, and he is completely housebroken. Bo is a puppy, however, and will chew, counter surf, and otherwise get himself in trouble if left unsupervised. He's great with people of all sizes, and he gets along very well with other dogs. He has also lived with cats, and is fine with dog-savvy ones – he will give chase in play. Bo came to MAGDRL in October 2014. (7)
    Update 12/3/14 - Bo is improving, and should soon be healthy enough for surgery. The joint tap was negative for infection, and the mange, coccidia, and whipworms have all cleared. He had a persistent skin infection due to having untreated mange for so long and he is still on antibiotics, but that has also almost healed. He has mastered his basic manners, but we've found that he does need to be told firmly. He's quite happy to get away with whatever he can, but will listen if he knows he must. He loves to romp in the yard, and doesn't let his leg slow him down at all. As he has gotten to feeling better, he has started showing quite a bit of prey drive, so we are changing him to "no cats." Bo gets along well with his foster brother, though his energy and desire to play does get to be a bit much at times. He will need a canine companion who can keep up with him – he's an energetic boy who loves to play.
    Update 1/30/15 - Bo had a small setback, developing yet another infection, with another round of antibiotics. But that has now been cleared and he's back to his playful, energetic self. His vet is still consulting with the specialist to determine what the next steps will be for his leg. In the meantime, he has done very well with the physical therapy to develop the much-needed muscles in his hip. He often holds his leg in an almost normal position, and certainly doesn't let it slow him down.
  • Clyde
    Additional Photos
    Clyde is a Rescue In Need.
    Clyde is a very sweet 4 year old fawn male that has been through a really tough time. We believe he was hungry and looking for food and got into a deer carcass. After eating it, he got impacted and had to go to the emergency vet. Then two weeks later, he ate a bunch of birdseed and the same thing happened. This time his family couldn't afford to take him so they called us. We took him in and they had to do a lot of enigmas to get him regular again. He is such a good boy, he never gives anyone any trouble at the vets. But because we think they gave him too much fiber and hard dog food too soon, he got impacted again and he had to visit the vets again. Now he is on a different regimen so hopefully his poor colon can heal and he can get back to normal. Clyde is great on the leash, always wants to be by your side. He loves kids and lived with another dog and lots of cats. He LOVES to go on car rides and to go into his crate. Clyde is very emaciated from this whole ordeal and needs to gain back weight slowly. He loves men, but also loves to cuddle with the ladies too. Hopefully when he gets to feeling better, we'll get to see a more happy Clyde and get some tail wags. He will make a wonderful companion for a lucky family! Clyde came to MAGDRL in January 2015. (5)
  • Duke
    Additional Photos - updated 1/19/15
    Duke is a stunning 3 year old mantle male with natural ears who is a love bug and is over the moon about people. He wants to be petted, loved on, held, and hugged. He will sit on you, if you let him. But it is only because he wants to be really really close. He would do best in a home where his people were around most of the time! Duke does get along with other animals and currently lives with a female great Dane and 2 smaller males . He needs to be properly introduced – as he is very curious and he likes being the center of attention. Everyone he meets, two-legged and four-legged has an invisible sign on them that says: PLAYMATE FOR DUKE. And he fully engages all playmates. Duke would do best in a home with larger dogs due to his overactive play style. While Duke is great with cats – he is very curious. If the cat runs – he will chase. When the cat stops – he just wants to play. With our cats, that results in a scratched nose. For him. Although he is smart, his “I want to play” gene is stronger than his ‘smart’ gene. He has to relearn this lesson constantly. He has never tried to bite or mouth any of our cats. He bows to them – and sniffs a lot. Still many times resulting in a scratched nose. Duke has been around kids as young as 2 years old and is fine with them. Sadly Duke has anxiety and would do best in a home environment where there is little to no outside distractions. For this reason he will NOT be placed in a condo or apartment home. He is crate trained and his owners have tried many natural solutions to try and help curb this behavior, but they live near Quantico and the constant war games and other loud noises is just too much for him to handle. Duke has been x-rayed and diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips but at this time is just on supplements and pain meds as needed. Duke will be required to attend obedience training as part of his adoption. Duke came to MAGDRL in May 2014. (5)
  • Earl
    Additional Photos
    Earl has come back to MAGDRL and is still looking for his forever home. Earl is a 17 month old mismarked mantle with harle markings and natural ears. He is house and crate trained and knows all of his commands but still needs work with reinforcing all of his training. He is still very much a puppy and loves to play play play. Earl loves to play with other dogs but his energy level is overwhelming for most other dogs, so he would probably do best in a one dog home. When no other dogs are around, he is obedient and calm and very loving and affectionate to his people. Earl is great meeting people in and out of the home, but needs a little time to warm up to some men. He is in a foster home now where he is very attached to his foster mom. He is also living with cats and wants very much to chase and play with them, much to the cats dismay, so he cannot be placed with cats. Earl rides great in the car and loves to go out and about with his people. Earl is very food motivated, making training fairly easy. Obedience training will be a condition of his contract. Earl does need a strong leader and direction so an adopter with previous Dane experience is best. Earl came back to MAGDRL in January 2015. (3)
  • Goose
    Additional Photos - added 2/1/15
    Goose is a Rescue In Need and is currently on medical hold.
    Goose is a very sweet 6 year old merle female with natural ears. She came to rescue when her owners moved away. Goose is an easy-going girl, who just wants a family to love. She is very good with other dogs and with cats. She has excellent manners and is very trustworthy in the house. Goose was diagnosed with Addison's disease two years ago, and it appears to be the "atypical" type. When she came to us, she was on an improper dosage of her medication, so we will be doing further testing once that is at the correct level. Goose is on medical hold until we determine exactly what dosage she will require going forward. Once that's settled, she will require regular vet visits, but should be able to live a happy, normal life. She'll be looking for a somewhat quiet home with at least one canine companion and lots of love and attention. Goose came to MAGDRL in July 2014. (7)
    Update 9/6/14 - Goose is doing very well! Following the vet's reduction schedule, we have her medication down to less than half of what she was initially on. She seems to be feeling a good bit better and more relaxed, and finally seems to be comfortable in her own skin. The constant panting has subsided, and she is leaving water in her bowl now too. We have also gotten her onto a better diet, and I think she looks better – her coat looks less dull, her eyes are brighter, etc. She actually apparently did some trotting around the yard over the weekend too, which is HUGE since she never wanted to do any outside playing before. She also has integrated just fine with her canine sister and brother. We are crossing our fingers that we get her all straightened out, and everything keeps going in this direction! We will be continuing to reduce the medication over the next month, with follow-up tests done along the way, until we get her to the optimum level.
    Update 12/3/14 - Goose had a small setback with her Addison's disease, and required an overnight stay at the emergency hospital. She's home now, and rebounding quickly. We've had to temporarily increase some of her medication, and she will have a series of rechecks over the next six weeks to make sure all her levels stay where they belong. She continues to be happy and quite content, no matter what's going on. She spends her days hanging out with her canine brother and sister, and being as close to her people as possible.
    Update 1/29/15 - Goose has rebounded completely since her emergency vet stay – her last blood test was perfect! We're tapering her prednisone again, and she's now getting a percorten injection every 25 days, after a recheck of her bloodwork. She's feeling 100 percent better than she did when she arrived, and looks just wonderful!
  • Gunnar
    Additional Photos
    Tall, dark, lean and handsome! This 1 1/2 year old tall black male with natural ears is a true gentlemen. Crate trained and curious, Gunnar understands and responds to all basic training commands. He will make silly noises and "talk" to you to gain your attention. This loving puppy is playful with people and furry friends alike. He will bring you his rope toy and bait you into a friendly game of tug of war. When he first came to his foster home he was a bit nervous however within a week's time he is comfortable and affectionate with the two other danes in the home. He is a slow eater, walks light footed and will happily comply with any commands especially when treats are offered. Gunnar enjoys the snow and loves eating it while exploring outdoors. Although he has not taken anything without permission, he does counter surf. His nose is constantly checking out his surroundings. Obedience training will be a condition of Gunnar's adoption. Be careful, his sweet disposition will steal your heart- he has already stolen ours! Gunnar came to MAGDRL in January 2015. (3)
  • Hershey
    Additional Photos - updated 2/7/15
    Hershey is a Rescue In Need and is currently on medical hold.
    Hershey is a 4 year old harlequin female with natural ears. She came to MAGDRL when she was found abandoned and tied to a light post in a parking lot after having puppies. Hershey was taken to her first vet visit and was diagnosed with having heartworm disease. Further testing revealed Hershey needs intense treatment to get rid of the heartworms and to prevent heart damage. She has begun treatment but has several months of treatment ahead of her. Hershey also needs to test heartworm negative before she can be spayed. The first few days in her foster home, Hershey was very confused and scared. From her initial reaction of growling and cowering when she sees men, we believe she’s encountered some not so nice men in her past. Hershey came to her foster home not knowing any commands or how to walk on a leash. She is slowly learning the world isn’t so scary. She now LOVES snuggle time with her foster parents. She is starting to show herself as a love bug more and more each day as she learns how to trust again. This sweet sweet girl has a lot to learn and a long road to recovery ahead of her. Please consider financially supporting Hershey to help offset the cost of treatment. Check back frequently for updates on Hershey!! Hershey came to MAGDRL in November 2014. (5)
    Update 2/3/15 - Hershey is now feeling very comfortable in her foster home. She is a silly girl who always wants to play; she loves to jump and roll around on the couch and floor. Despite being a Great Dane, Hershey truly believes she is an ‘under the table’ dog. Somehow she always crawls under the dinner table when her humans are eating or working. Hershey’s favorite things are still snuggling up with her foster parents and getting treats! In January, Hershey began her heartworm treatment. This was very difficult on her and it took her several days before she could even go potty without struggling in pain. Her foster parents were very worried about her but Hershey being the sweet girl she is, always reassured them that she was okay by giving them lots of kisses and nuzzles! Who was taking care of who?? Now Hershey is feeling all better from the first round of treatment. Unfortunately she cannot begin her next phase of heartworm treatment right now because of some minor gastrointestinal issues. Hershey is on the road to recovery but still has some significant hurdles to overcome before she is taken off medical hold. Please continue to support Hershey in her recovery both financially and with positive thoughts!
  • Izzy
    Additional Photos
    Izzy is an 8 year old harlequin female with cropped, but flopped, ears. She came to back to rescue because her family dynamics have changed and she has become selective as to what other dogs she is willing to spend her time with. But once she finds another dog she likes, then she has no issues with them and they become her best friend! Izzy loves people in all shapes and sizes from little children to old men and everything in between. She has a good amount of energy for a senior girl and would love to romp around your yard and go for walks. If you can find a space in your heart and home she will certainly not disappoint. Izzy came to MAGDRL in January 2015. (2)
  • Jayden
    Jayden is a Rescue In Need and is currently not available for adoption.
    Jayden, or JJ as his foster family calls him, is a 6 1/2 year old mantle marked merle with natural ears. He came to rescue when his family no longer had the time to care for him. Jayden came to rescue in bad shape; he had a really bad skin infection that had worked its way into his ears. He also had a hard time eating due to an infected tooth that had to be extracted. He was born with a lazy back leg and walks funny, but can move with the best of them and am always getting in the way of his foster parents. After a lot of time and effort by the vets and his foster family, his skin and ear infections are clearing up. The Vet is recommending acupuncture to help with his leg. Thankfully his mouth no longer hurts, and he can eat without pain. That also makes his foster Mom happy because he no longer drools as much as he used too. Jayden came to MAGDRL in November 2014. (5)
  • Kapuna
    Additional Photos
    Kapuna is a beautiful 2 year old blue female with natural ears. She has a charming, quiet gentleness about her, and is exceptionally smart and responsive to training. Kapuna is very affectionate and responds to lots of hugs and kisses, and will do best in a home where she is not left alone for extended periods. She is fully crate trained, and most evenings tucks herself into bed, and actually prefers to sleep in a bit in the morning. She requests to go out to relieve herself by sitting by the back door, and will patiently wait without a peep until someone lets her out. Her idea of heaven is laying on her back next to her person having a belly scratch and snuggle. Kapuna is a strong chewer who loves to relax by chewing on a Nylabone, and will need sturdy, appropriate chew toys available to avoid any risk of destructive chewing. She does enjoy taking the stuffing out of a toy and if toys are re-stuffed, she happily removes it over and over again! A frozen daily Kong toy is another favorite way to keep her occupied. She has a soft mouth, and will allow her foster mom to retrieve any item from her mouth without a fuss. Kapuna was surrendered when having issues with one of the other dogs in her previous home. She did not have issues with all of the dogs, only one in particular. She was never socialized or leash walked outside her home. Kapuna has quickly learned the joy of a walk, and sits quietly by the door when she knows it is time to go. Her leash manners still need work, but she is figuring it out. She will try to escape if frightened so a slip proof collar is needed when walking her. As far as commands, she now knows ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘here’, ‘watch me’, ‘drop it’, ‘down’, and ‘wait’. She is still afraid of the car and of going down stairs, and will need additional time and patience to work through these issues. She never lived with small children so she will not be placed in a home with them. Kapuna is looking for a home that will continue her training, continue to help build her confidence with new people and new situations. She is fearful meeting other dogs and will need slow introductions and integration if she goes to a home with another dog. A non reactive confident male would be best but she can be content in a one dog home. She is unsure of the cats in her foster home and will bark and run from them, so may be best placed in a home without them. Kapuna will do best in a fairly calm home with a willingness to provide the structure, stimulation, and nurturing this gentle dog needs to build up her confidence. With her lovely disposition and affectionate nature, Kapuna has all the makings for the perfect addition to a lucky family. Obedience training will be a requirement of her adoption. Kapuna came to MAGDRL in December 2014. (3)
    Update 2/13/15 - Kapuna is making tremendous progress overcoming her issues with stairs and the car. The stairs are no longer something she is afraid of, and now freely follows her foster mom up and down the stairs inside and outside. After many sightseeing trips in the car with her foster parents, Kapuna now goes in the car to pick up her foster dad at the train each evening. She is still nervous, but goes down the stairs to the garage and waits patiently by her car door like a lady, and then hops right in and onto her blanket. Kapuna’s leash manners still need work, but the frigid temps have prevented too much time outside. Kapuna likes a slow introduction to new people, but once she knows them is very social and sweet. She never jumps on people, but will nudge and nuzzle for attention. She has been introduced to a few other dogs on the walk, and has done very well with dogs that are calm and well behaved. Kapuna was spayed in January, and is nearing completion of treatment for roundworms. She feels great, and is fully recovered. She is becoming more expressive and silly as she becomes more settled, and her foster parents enjoy her company very much.
  • Mateo
    Additional Photos - updated 1/19/15
    kids 15+
    Mateo is a healthy male who came into MAGDRL with a female Dane Sada. He is a young 8 years old who likes to play and has a good appetite. He's house broken and is very gentle when you give him a treat. Mateo is a little shy of men when he first meets them as he lived in a home with all woman. He's a real love bug and enjoys getting all the attention you can give him. He does pull a bit on lead but is manageable. Would like to see him adopted with Sada as he's very attached to her and they love to play together. He should go to a home where someone is home the majority of the day and no young children as they make him nervous and he will air snap so its best he's not placed in a home with children under 15 years old or a home that doesn't have young children that come over to visit a lot. Mateo came to MAGDRL in January 2013. (1)
    Update 5/4/13 - Mateo might be 8 years in age but he doesn't act it at all, he loves to run and doesn't show any problems with his rear legs. He loves to snuggle and seems to enjoy being around woman as he's sometimes shy of men. Mateo is very sweet and needs a home without a fencing exception as he will take off and run.
    Update 11/2/13 - Mateo is a quiet laid back kinda guy. His most favorite thing to do in the world is chew on his Nylabone. A very good eater, loves to ride in the car. Is very good for a bath. Just a love bug. Will take all the hugs you can give him. I don't think that he is good with anything small. He's not a barkie kind of dog. Is very well behaved. Pulls a bit on lead but nothing to bad. While we originally wanted to see Mateo placed with Sada, we have found that he would do fine without her as well. Mateo is very healthy for his age. Gets around just fine. He would be a great addition to any family that just wants a real mush. Mateo would love to have a family to call his own, don't let the gray around his muzzle fool you, he still gets the zoomies in the yard and that won't stop the unconditional love he'll give you.
    Update 1/14/15 - When you read about Danes being a "couch potato" they are describing Mateo. Mateo's typical day starts with him going outside to take care of his business, then he eats and gets back up on the couch. If he needs to go out and your not in the house he just lets himself out into the yard. Mateo takes his time when he's outside as he has to find just the right spot before he's satisfied then he'll go back into the house and get on the couch. He's a little weak in his hind end and doesn't really play with toys BUT he will counter surf if you leave anything on the counters. Mateo is quiet in the house except when someone pulls into the driveway, then he'll bark. You also need to hold on to his collar when he meets new people as he likes to nip (doesn't break the skin), this is his way of letting you know that he is here. He sleeps all thru the night, and isn't fond of stairs but will go up them, sometimes taking 3 at a time. Mateo doesn't mind the cats and other Danes in his foster and they all get along well.
  • Mya
    Additional Photos - updated 01/04/15
    View a video of Mya!
    View additional videos of Mya! - added 2/15/15
    Mya is an approximately 2-3 year old female Dane/Hound mix with natural ears. She was found tied to a fence possibly left there to die. At that time, she was very sick and likely very abused. Mya had a bad ear infection, skin issues and loss of hair. She had early signs of pyometra which could have killed her if they didn't find it early. The shelter contacted the us and we pulled her into our organization. In the weeks following her rescue, her foster family has worked hard to train her to be wonderful family dog. She is now crate trained and house broken. She has a good appetite and loves to go on long walks and jogs. Mya doesn't know yet how to ask to go outside but she sticks to a schedule very well. Mya has no problems with other people or dogs while on a walk. Because of her past, she is incredibly shy and weary of anything new. Unfortunately, this causes her to have difficulty trusting new people. However, although it may take some time, she eventually warms up to new people and is very happy to receive their affection. Mya still appears to be very tentative around kids (partly because the kids are often too loud and animated for Mya), however she shows no signs of aggression. She tries to avoid any contact with children. But will take the treats from their hand very gently. Although she still has a tendency to be weary when there is too much excitement going on around her, her foster family believes that she can fully integrate with a loving family. Given some time Mya will make someone very happy, and you'll be glad you gave her a chance. Mya came to MAGDRL in September 2014. (1)
    Update 11/22/14 - Mya has been with us for almost three months. She has greatly improved since she first arrived. Slowly, but surely, she is overcoming her fears and distrust of people and unfamiliar things. She is now starting to play with us and feel more comfortable with the family. She still distrusts and keeps her distance from strangers. However, overtime she warms up to them and is very good around them. She is perfect on the leash; she shows no aggressive reaction to people, dogs or cats. In fact, she is practically glued to your legs if she is not busy sniffing something. In the house, she is happy to see and welcome new dogs. She shows no signs of territory related aggression. As a foster family, we think that she will need time to adjust to a new family and will do better if there is another dog in the house with her. Mya has a tendency to follow the lead of other dogs and develop trust through them. We don't know that much about her past before coming into rescue, but she still has some partially visible scars under her fur. It looks like she might have had a collar that was too tight and it left a nasty scar under her coat that you can see if you part her fur. However, that does not stop her from being any less sweet, loving and beautiful.
    Update 1/2/15 - Mya has now been with us for over fourth months. She has shown much improvement over the months. She is slowly becoming more playful (see video) and open with other people. However, she is still hesitant with strangers. She still has difficulty letting people she doesn't fully trust pet her, but she has stopped pulling away from them like she did in the past. Recently, we took her on a hiking trail on a leash and she was perfect; she had no reaction to other people or dogs and did not run or hide from them either. Previously we said that she would do better with another dog in the house, however recently we had unfortunately lost our other dog that she was close with. The first few days after, she was very upset and distant from us. However, within a couple of weeks, she became a lot closer to humans and happy to interact with us. We think that having another dog in the house actually hinders her ability to trust people. Therefore, we think she would do better as an only dog with lots of care and attention (that is not to say she won't do well with another dog either though). In time, we know, she will make a wonderful addition to any family.
  • Oreo
    Oreo is looking for a foster home. Can you help?
    Oreo is a 4 year old mantle marked harlequin with natural ears. He came to rescue because his family divorced and no longer had time for him. He is a sweet boy, which is why he is named Oreo, just like the dessert! Oreo is good with female dogs, unknown with cats, and is good with older children. In the month that Oreo has been with us, he has been in a kennel looking for a foster home. While he does do well playing with female dogs, he prefers to be around people. Oreo is well mannered and enjoys playing with balls of all sizes; tug is ok but nothing beats a game of catch with my humans. If you are willing to take the lead with me I will bounce into your heart and never let go. Oreo came to MAGDRL in January 2015. (2)
  • Pepper
    Additional Photos
    Pepper is a 5 year old beautiful tall mantle girl with cropped ears. One is flopped which gives her great character. Pepper is a very affectionate and loving girl. She was returned after being adopted and placed in a foster home with 6 children, she is doing great with them there. Pepper does have her quirks, she stresses when left alone. She will rip up any "bags" left in her reach. Her foster home has figured this out and is careful about it, as well as hiding treats and toys for her to find. This has worked well. She is doing great with the boundaries set for her and is learning "stay" as well as reinforcing all of her obedience commands. Pepper has lived with other dogs and is selective about who she likes and dislikes, so she is best as an only dog, but can probably live in peace with a laid back confident large male. Pepper has not lived with cats and will not be placed with any. Pepper came back to MAGDRL in March 2014. (3)
  • Rabbit
    Additional Photos - updated 2/22/15
    Rabbit is looking for a foster home. Can you help?
    Rabbit is a 2 year old harlequin vision impaired female with natural ears who came to rescue after fighting with other dogs in her home. When Rabbit came into rescue she weighed 81 pounds. Now that she is eating regular meals she has put on 10 pounds in a very short time. Rabbit is very timid of new things as she has peripheral vision issues so things that come from the side or rear cause her to startle. She requires a home that will work slowly with her to be comfortable; once she warms up to you she is all loves. Rabbit will sit for treats and is extremely treat motivated. She has gone from being a dog that did not want touches to a allowing a full body exam within in a few weeks. We will be evaluating dogs and cats within the next week. At this time we don't recommend cats or other dogs. Rabbit came to MAGDRL in October 2014. (2)
    Update 2/22/14 - Rabbit has been in a kennel now for awhile, and while she is doing well there, she would really like to have a home to call her own. She has been learning her basic obedience commands, but she would do much better if she was either in a foster home or an adoptive home where she had constant reinforcement of what her queues are supposed to be. She is a lover and still just a big goofy puppy!
  • Rocco
    Additional Photos - updated 1/19/15
    Rocco is a 4 year old mostly white male with natural ears. He is deaf and has some vision impairment, but this doesn't seem to hinder him at all. Rocco was rehomed with another dog when his owner lost his farm due to increased land taxes. His original vet paperwork said that he was positive for Lyme, but was never treated for it. He came into rescue with Giardia and had a nasty ear infection with yeast in both ears. He's on medication for both and is doing well. In addition, Rocco was very thin when he came in to rescue, but he's making up for it now and is getting 3-4 meals a day. He loves his food and if you put his medication in pill pockets there is no problem. Rocco is house broken and sleeps all night. He enjoys having his breakfast before going out in the morning. He is a very smart boy and fast learner and seems to adapt to any situation quickly. Rocco loves to be anywhere you are. We haven't seen any problems with him with other dogs both large and small. It is unknown how he is with kids so we won't place him in a home with children under 12 years of age. He is unknown with cats. Rocco will need to placed with a large female that can handle his rough play. He will not be placed in a home with a fencing exception due to him being deaf. Rocco came to MAGDRL in October 2014. (1)
    Update 1/15/16 - Rocco is a love bug but he doesn't know his own size. His ear infections are gone as is the Giardia. He was retested for Lyme and it was so low that they felt he didn't need to be treated. Rocco was in a foster home and was getting along with the other foster Dane in the home as they both like to play rough and body slam, but as they both started to get settled in the home the female Dane started to go after Rocco without any provocation. Rocco is a gentleman and would just walk away and not challenge her. We thought it was best to move him out of the home as he's so sweet that we didn't think it was fair to him. The foster home he was in had cats but they stayed upstairs and Rocco would stay at the bottom of the stirs and watch then, so we really don't know how he'd be with cats. We did have someone come to meet him with a female mix that was medium in size but he was too much for her. Rocco needs to be placed with a large female Dane that likes to play and isn't too old to keep up with him.
  • Sampson
    Additional Photos
    Sampson is looking for a foster home. Can you help?
    Sampson is a 1 1/2 year old black male that is an incredibly sweet, friendly and outgoing Great Dane who is looking for a loving home. MAGDRL rescued him from a life on a chain where he was living 24/7. He is working with a trainer to learn how to settle down, be more relaxed and get some good exercise and structure. He love his couch, so wherever he goes, he must have one. :-) He walks very nicely on a Halti, however he does lean in on the handler a bit. He knows a sit and a down. He has been good with the dogs we have introduced him to so far. We will continue to give updates as he progresses and we learn more about him. This boy is going to make a wonderful companion for a very lucky person! Sampson came to MAGDRL in December 2014. (5)
    Update 1/27/15 - Sampson has been at the kennel getting a lot of training for over 3 weeks now. He is fine with calm dogs, but doesn’t do well with excitable or pushy dogs. He walks beautifully on a leash and knows his sit and down. Since he’s young and active, we think he would be too much for little kids. He loves to run and romp, so a bigger fenced in yard would help him get some of his puppy energy out. He is fine with cats, he shows a little interest, but that’s all. He would love to go to a foster home and be a part of a family.
  • Samuel
    Additional Photos
    Samuel is looking for a foster home. Can you help?
    Samuel is a very large, very handsome, 4 year old harlequin male with cropped and standing ears. Do not let his size fool you, he is a big Scooby Doo and needs a very Dane savvy home to be able to give him the support he needs to function as a normal Dane. Samuel needs a strong lead to assure him that the world is not a horrible place and he can trust that he will be taken care of and not have to take charge of the situation. Due to his anxiety we are saying no dogs and no children. Once this boy has formed a bond with you he will look to you for reassurance and appropriate behavior limits. If you can give this boy a stable, loving home with consistency, leadership and a low key life then please contact us. Samuel came to MAGDRL in May 2014. (2)
  • Shaq
    Additional Photos
    Shaq is a strikingly handsome 3 year old male heavily marked harlequin with natural ears. He was given up by a family who just could not handle him as he is a very active strong young boy. His foster home has been working with him on manners and leash walking and he has come a long way in that area. Shaq will need someone who can continue to work on his training. Obedience training will be a condition of his adoption and someone who is up for the task of handling a young active very large Dane. He will need time and patience integrating with another dog in his home. He has a history of escaping his original home so secure fencing is a must for his adoption. He will only be placed with female dogs, medium to large sized and no small children as he is just too rough for them, but he just may prefer to be an only dog. Once he settles, he will be an awesome companion. Shaq came to MAGDRL in November of 2014. (3)
    Update 1/10/15 - Shaq is back in MAGDRL after showing us that he can be selective with the dogs he likes. He does great with the medium sized female retriever mix in his foster home, but did not like the female Dane in his adoptive home. So Shaq is once again looking for his forever family. He is very much people oriented and loves his person(s), but he needs slow intros with other dogs and may or may not choose to live happily with them.
  • Trooper
    Additional Photos
    Trooper is a handsome 5 year old fawn male with natural ears. He came to the rescue after suffering with some separation anxiety when his owner went back to work full time but he is making great progress in his foster home. Trooper has adapted well to a routine which includes him being crate trained and distracted before they leave the house and he does not seem to mind as much any more. Trooper should not be left alone uncrated as he has shown to be a stress chewer. When everyone is home Trooper is an amazing dog, he is super sweet and especially loves to cuddle up on the couch. Trooper acts like a young pup when he gets to run around outside with the other female Dane in the house. He walks well on a leash and does not react at all when seeing other dogs or cats. So far he has been great with everybody, human or animal, big or small, but he especially loves attention from men. Trooper came to MAGDRL in January 2015. (3)
  • Aries - Courtesy
    Additional Photos
    Aries is a courtesy listing.
    Please contact your local coordinator for more information on him.
    Aries is a 4 1/2 year old black male with natural ears. I am neutered and exceptionally handsome, if I do say so myself. I am pretty powerful but love to lean on my people and would love to spend some time with you. A bit of training and I'd be a great addition to your home. I would prefer a home without young children and cats are unknown. This dog can only be adopted within the Washington DC metro area, which includes DC and parts of MD. (5)

    MAGDRL occasionally lists danes that are available for adoption through another rescuer, shelter or individual. These danes have not been evaluated by MAGDRL, and MAGDRL makes no representation about the dane or the rescuer. Adoptions of courtesy listings do not follow MAGDRL's adoption process, and any proceeds do not normally go to MAGDRL. Adoption fees are at the discretion of the individual or rescuer.
  • Caesar - Courtesy
    Additional Photos
    Caesar is a courtesy listing.
    Please contact your local coordinator for more information on him.
    Caesar is a 6 year old Blue male Great Dane who has lived with the same family since he was 12 weeks old. He loves to be scratched, to lean on you and sit on your lap. He has always been a loving member of the family, and has lived peacefully with two other indoor dogs and indoor/outdoor cats. He loves to play with all the dogs that he has met and has never had an issue with any other animal even if they seem to be aggressive with him. He was once even caught sitting on a porch in a cabin and a mouse was in the corner eating something; he just looked at it and then turned the other way as the mouse ran away. However, when he is in the house, he will definitely let you know if someone or something is in the yard and likes to alert you by barking (even if it may just be his own reflection in the window). He is very friendly and welcoming, especially if he is outside the house. He does not like to jump over or into things and needs to be boosted into the car, however when playing, he can bounce highly on all fours! He does not like toys and is particular about his food and treats. Loud noises from fireworks or thunderstorms do not bother him, but screaming children who are running around can make him skittish as well as random objects being moved in front of him (like chairs or balloons). While he was sleeping, a toddler woke him (we think, no one witnessed it) and scratched the toddler's face. Now he is scared of him and that's why we need to find Caesar a new home. The family has tried everything and wants to keep him, but he is too scared of him now. Because the young kids scare him, he should be placed with kids age 10 and older. (5)

    MAGDRL occasionally lists danes that are available for adoption through another rescuer, shelter or individual. These danes have not been evaluated by MAGDRL, and MAGDRL makes no representation about the dane or the rescuer. Adoptions of courtesy listings do not follow MAGDRL's adoption process, and any proceeds do not normally go to MAGDRL. Adoption fees are at the discretion of the individual or rescuer.
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